TMPGenc 4.0 Express - Ripped DVD to Divx



Hello all,

Just a question, I am trying to convert a ripped dvd to divx using TMPgenc express. The thing is, when I select the folder with the files, I get an error that the folder does not contain the correct dvd files.

I have the ripped files in the:

Video_ts (folder)


Any idea would be greatly appreciated.


You do seem to be missing some files. (like the Video_TS.IFO and Video_TS.BUP files). Did you rip a single episode from a multi-episode dvd perhaps?

If TMPGenc doesn’t like to import these vobs directly, you could always take the mpeg video out of the vob container files using Vob2Mpg, then import the resulting mpeg2 file into TMPGenc Express. You won’t lose quality by removing the video from the vob files.


It is a whole movie, but I did leave out those files. I normally use AutoGK and it does not need those files. I will add those and see if it works out.

Thanks for the advice on the Vob2Mpg, I will also give that a shot.



I finally figured it out, and got one encoded to Divx. I will be sticking with AutoGK. I like Tmpgenc on other things, but for divx, it sucks…