TMPGEnc released

TMPGEnc released

[Revision History]

TMPGEnc Plus Version 2.59 (

  • Corresponded to Hyper Threading Technology.
  • Improved the system of template by project wizard. Basically, it can be chosen by a combination of CBR/VBR and audio format.
  • It can be played by setting screen of all image filter except 24fps filter. It starts to play by pressing space bar in condition of making slider bar active.
  • “Set up forced picture type” and “Detect scene change” in MPEG setting can be used together.
  • Chained files can be managed as one animation. This tool can be switched ON by environmental setting.
  • Changed “external tool” tab in environmental setting to “audio engine” tab.
  • Included sampling wavelength transform engine with high quality. However, it is necessary to set up by “audio engine” tab in the environmental setting in order to use since it is set as not using in default.
  • Included the project which currently encodes in “remained job number” indicated in the status bar of main window by batch encode.
  • Modified not to have memory access violation error upon moving track bar or clicking stop button right after pressing a play button by audio processing dialog.
  • The latest setting is saved to the utmost by saving environmental setting or batch list into HDD upon job completion of batch encoding.
  • Message is indicated when audio file cannot be opened by the setting window of source range.
  • Audio corresponded to separating MPEG-2 file of linear PCM by MPEG tools. Multiplex of linear PCM cannot be supported.
  • Only elementary stream format can be output with WAV format by specifying linear PCM format to audio format in MPEG setting dialog.
  • In case “Interpolate YUV data from 4:1:1 to 4:4:4” is ON in environmental setting, “Specify color space conversion formula” is also handled as ON automatically.
  • Modified that TMPGEnc.vfp, which is VFAPI plug-in of TMPGEnc did not read TMPGEnc body setting.
  • Modified that the index after 4GB was broken when data rate output AVI file with high format (for example, uncompressed high resolution) by AVI output.

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