TMPGenc 2.5.11 is now out

A new version of TMPGenc is now available from their home site

Change log is
Version : 2.511. 2003/4/28

* Fixed: Adding too many chained files, would cause the program to close.
* Fixed: On systems where Windows Media Player 9 is installed, reading MS MPEG-4 AVI files via the "DirectShow Multimedia File Reader" would cause an error to occur.
* Fixed: Multiplexing MPEG-Video stream without a sequence end-code would cause the PTS time stamp of the picture included in the last GOP, to be invalid.
* Fixed: Multiplexing a closed GOP MPEG-Video stream without a header would cause desynchronized video and audio.
* Improved: Improved the processing of the file so that, if possible, securing and releasing the memory of a huge block is not repeated..