TMPGEnc 16:9 Question

Hey people, I have done a few DVD’s in the past, dealing with 4:3 aspect AVI’s.

Now I’ve come across 16:9, and for some bizare reason, it seems to roughly treble in size according to TMPGEnc. I thought in theory 16:9 was less picture begin displayed then 4:3, so I fail to understand why the video won’t let me drop the bitrate below 3000kbps, and basicaly wants to grow in size so much rather then shrink >_<

Sorry for the newb question most likely, but searches on the forum failed to produce answers >_< Thanks for your time!

EDIT: Frappin hell, the thread below me seems similar, I’m not sure if he has 16:9 issues though, but I will still follow that link posted over there, may hold some answers :slight_smile:

Frappin hell, I can’t edit my post twice? Hope it’s not against rules to double post here.

The answer wasn’t listed there, so it must be a Legal 16:9 DVD thing ~~ Can’t select less then 3000kpbs on either TMPGEnc and the Plus version. In that case, I will just crop it >< I bet in the program there is an option to crop it for me rather then go through Virtual Dub and resave them all >_<

Sorry to disturb yur all :slight_smile:

Not sure why it wont let it go lower.
But when encoding a DVD the amount of picture is just the same even if its 4:3 or 16:9, its just a little change in the IFO file that tells the DVD player to “crush” it down to 16:9. There is just as much image as 4:3.

It may be worth trying to encode it streched as 4:3, then using IFOEdit to set it to 16:9.

Ben :slight_smile:

I hope this is not against further forum rules to bring this back, but I just hit the issue again, and now it is really peeving me off.

I’m trying to burn another one (yeah, last time I went with he 16:9 using unneccesarily 2 DVD’s because of the 3000kpbs limit). It’s happening again, but now I can’t fit 3 videos, each 220MB, about 1100kpbs Video on average onto 1 DVD!
I can only fit 2 on, and somehow it amounts to 3824.49MB used on the DVD at 3Mpbs!? WTH IS GOING ON. Sorry if it sounds like I’m complaining, I’m just totaly baffled how I’m the only one getting this, and insists that 2x200MB files can consume so much space!

Anyone? >_< Again, apologies if i’m acting like a fridge, but it’s getting pesky, as I do love the quality and simplicity of this program. But as soon as you hit the PAL 16:9 option under the DVD tab, it decides to explode the file size ¬_¬

After that rant, I will in the morning attempt your IFOEdit idea and such… and perhaps try and patch TMPGEnc incase it’s a calculation error or something.

Thanks for your time again!