TMPG DVD Author glitch at edit points

Guys and Gals,
I’m using TMPG DVD Author to create a DVD from mpeg files (previously converted from avi using TMPGenc). All is fine except that wherever I have an edit point (a place in the mpeg file where I cut a segment out), there’s a slightly playback glitch (both on WinDVD and on my settop DVD player): the image freezes for a split-second, then playback resumes. I’m wondering if there’s something I’m not doing correctly…
Have any of you guys run into that problem?
Thanks for any pointer…

I’ll test it on mine tonight. I have been using that program to author too, but havent editted any commercials.

It all depends on what software you used to edit out the commercials. I assume you used TMPGenc ? I would strongly suggest you use MPEG2VCR ( instead, TMPGenc is not very good for editing mpeg2 streams (even though it appears to work okay).