TMPEG Question

I am using tmpeg to convert .avi files to mpeg to make vcd’s. I am not getting any picture…only sound. I am putting the avi in the video and the audio…why is this happening??? HELP!!!
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Can you see the video through media player or another media type player if not you need Codecs!

This is the Nimo Codec pack

If you are just not seeing the video as it is decding,check the Preveiw settings

No it is after it is done. I get sound, but no video???

Are you doing MPG2 encoding instead of just MPG 1?

I had trouble veiwing any MPG2 / SVCD ready MPGS until I installed this, ,
all I would get is sound

To make sure you are using the right VCD settings click on load and select the PAL or NTSC VCD template.

ok…I clicked on load and loaded the vcd for ntsc. I browsed and entered the avi file into the video and it automatically went to audio as well. I checked preview and it has show all frames selected. I click start and it shows the encoding advancing, but I still see no preview. That is what happened when I let it run all the way, then there was sound, but no video. What the heck is the deal??? I downloaded the latest version of tmpeg, should I get an older version???
This is so frustrating!!!

look at


Hmm this is interesting. I use TMPG just about everyday and do a alot of converting from Divx to VCD. And haven’t run into this before. Do you have problems veiwing other MPGs (MPG1)? It is possible but unlikely that your templates somehow became corrupt. I don’t think you should go back to an older version the new 2.53 is working okay for me.

ntloser-- you use tmpgenc alot to convert divx to vcd? do you find that the final mpeg product after conversion is smaller and poorer quality than the original avi? i found that has happened to me. how to get it the same quality? thanks