TMGEnc DVD question


okay, I got as far as capture some home videos
to MPG2 format.

I tried using the TMGEnc DVD Author Program
to convert them to VOB format. The conversion

The problem is none of the Menu button’s work!
Like the Play button, or the button that displays
the each chapter/video clip. I tried all the settings,
spents hours converting and nothing works!

I am using Power DVD XP to test the VOB files.
It just plays right throught the Menu and into
the video clips.

Another minor issue. If I have 3 chapters,
it seems to combine them into 2 VOB’s so
click next does not really take me to the end
of my 1st video clip but into the middle of the 2nd.

What am I doing wrong? Are there anything other
DVD Menu Authoring programs out there that will
convert to hard disk and not have to burn?
I have some files larger than the 4.7GB.

Thank you for your help!!!