So I want to buy the 716 UF and my main concern is if Plextor solved the hardware problems?Because if she hasn’t solved them yet she will definetely launch a new TLA(I mean for hardware and not for the filmware)!Can anyone brief me?

Current TLA for the UF is 0203, as far as I know. Unless they make some more hardware changes, all that will change will be the last two digits for the firmware rev.

hmm… i haven’t see any TLA0203 for the 716UF, only for 716a. My local Bestbuy carries 0202 for 716a and 0101 for 716UF.

Thank you for your replies but I want to find out if with TLA 02xx if the hardware problems have been solved!Because if they have been solved that means possible that they wan’t launch a new TLA(I am speaking for the first two digits).So in the future they will launch a 0204 or 0304?If they launch a 0204 I don’t mind I will buy it now and I will flash the new filmware …

By releasing 02xx it means that Plextor solve the hardware problem in 01xx. But to be honest, no body here knows “what” is the problem(s).

So in the future they will launch a 0204 or 0304?
Again, no body knows. However, seems that 02xx solve the problems exist in 00xx and 01xx. I see people getting good burns.

Hi everyone. Has anybody seen the 716UF with TLA#0202 or newer at their local stores? I’ve been waiting to get one, though I’ll have to buy it online…probably from Newegg.

Thanks! :cool:

I just picked up a 716UF with TLA 0203 at my local Best Buy last night…so they’re definitely out there…

  • Justin

I saw 716UF with TLA0202 at Fry’s in Duluth, GA today.

A higher TLA number does not necessarily mean that problems were solved.

For example, if Plextor changes the sourcing of one of their parts to a different supplier, a new TLA number will be issued. This does not mean that any problem was solved.

But you have to agree that with a newer TLA there is a possibility that some problems are solved!

P.S.I saw in another thread about TLA 03xx!

Thanks for the replies about the 716UF with the newer TLAs.

Update: my local bestbuy carries 716A and 716UF TLA0202.