TLA and Plextools

hey, got two questions for you:-

  1. how do i determine the TLA for my PX-716a?

  2. is worth installing plextools? the reason why im asking this is that i have used my faithful PX-708a for a few months now without plextools installed on my machine. and its worked perfectly. now ive bought the PX-716a and now im wondering does the drive need plextools?

  1. TLA number is written on the box, below the serial number. You can also see the TLA number on the drive itself.
  2. Yes. Plextools is very useful to set SpeedRead, AutoStrategy and PoweRec functions. You can also use Plextools to do error checking, burn CDs or DVDs, etc. The later function (burn CD/DVD) is like the miniature of Nero, in my opinion.