TLA 203 December is a problem?



Reading this forum and trying to find out which version is best is tough, can someone just summarize the issues with the various versions?

I have the 716SA December '04 TLA 203.


Why dont you try and see if yours work or no? But just to say,most of the problems were with the drives having 00XX and 01XX TLA #'s.


I have the same Dec '04 TLA0203 upgraded to firmware v1.04u and have had no problems. I think the big problems were the very early releases TLA 00xx-01xx and after that there is just the always possibility of getting a bad individual unit regardless of the date and version.


:iagree: I have a TLA 02xx drive here, it works great with the discs I use.


Thanks, just making sure. It’s the SATA version with 1.04u.


I have TLA:0101 with 1.04u fw it works just as well as my friends TLA:0203 so I think not all the TLA:0101 were bad.


i’m with KenW, i’ve got an 01 and and 02 with virtually identical performance.



I had fry’s electronics store model from first run of TLA:0000 and I had problems but after I RMA it I got the TLA:0101, btw fry’s was very nice about it the guy at returns desk said I had keep it past time for a swap but he did say that plextor was more or less local for there USA RMA site and I would get it in two week, and I did. It came with sticker saying TLA:0101 but it had 1.02 fw so I guess the RMA site updated it for me. Anyway I have updated it to 1.03 then 1.04 and now 1.04u and I see no reason to even try for RMA again to get TLA:304


mine 01XX was a Best Buy model bought at the very end of Nov. never bothered to RMA for a newer TLA and bought a 02XX end of Dec from Best Buy as well. i haven’t updated to 1.04U yet, but 1.04 works well on both my drives. contemplating buying another :o :o 0304 with my BB gift cards :wink: but think i need other stuff (HDs) before a 4th burner.



Ya I agree I have all dvdrw I show in my sig. I need another dvdrw drive like I need hole in my head :stuck_out_tongue:

I do want look into Blueray or HD-DVD in future but I’m not going run out an get first offering you know.


said it better than i could, KenW :bigsmile: i’m going to browse through BB in NYC and see if anything else usurps my desire for another burner.


On another note, since this is plextor forum, I seen to remember plextor saying something about 716a 1.05 fw in their fw roadmap would be in March.


No problems here with PX716A, TLA#0203 and the latest FW. It works great!


According to this message on a new firmware is expected to be released this month. That will most likely be version 1.05 :slight_smile:



Ya thats it -R DL 6x and also something about RW media speeds I think, anyway I have not seen any -R DL media or any RW past 4x for that matter in local shops. Our local Bestbuy seems to be months behind in ordering and pricing anything.