Tla# 0405?

You think we’ll see a drive with this soon?, and are 0304 drives now shipping with 1.04u as standard?

Has anyone else purchased the PX-130A and do any firmware updates exist for this?

Also i wonder how hard it would be to add DVD-RW to 6x in firmware 1.05?, i mean other drives from the NEC 3520 to the Pioneer 109 already offer this. Plextor NEED to add this to the spec to keep it current and on-par with other drives on the market right now.

Plextor should note the NEC 3520 can be had for $50-60 now!, more then half the price of the 716A.

On the box of my PX-716A retail TLA#0304 purcashed only a week ago there is some additional label containing “DVD+R DL 6x write and DVD-R DL 6x write by firmware upgrade” text. So expect DVD-R DL 6x in some future firmware release, I think in 1.05.

Why does Plextor need to rush this support? It’s not like the media is easy to come by… I’d rather they took their time and got it right.

I’ve got a TLA 0203 drive and it works great with the 1.04u firmware on my A8N-SLI and I am grateful Plextor got me the updated firmware so I could actually use my PX-716A on the board… There were issues originally.

I don’t know if Plextor will offer it, but in can confirm, that the Sanyo chipset used in the 716a does support DVD -RW at speeds up to 8x.

They already added -RDL and +RDL 6x by firmware. Based on their behaviour with other burners before I think they will rather make a new product than adding another feature to 716.

Yes. I received a PX-716A TLA 0304 on Friday from and it includes the 1.04u firmware, not plain 1.04.

my #0304 comes with the 1.04non u

That’s bizarre, when you think about it! Are you sure? Mine has a bin date of February 10 and a little 13C4 (don’t know what this means) underneath and to the right of the February 2005 manufacture date.

Last 5 digits of the serial number are higher than 46000. How does yours compare?

My was the non-U as well. From Best Buy, week or so ago.

my #0304 drive was a RMA from Plextor

The TLA 0304 ships w/fw104.