Tla #0305

Saw some PX-716SA drives at work with this TLA number (I work for a system builder), so I guess that solves the mystery of whether there would be a new hardware revision for the drives that come with fw 1.05 preinstalled and cannot go to an earlier version…

I thought hw/fw that cannot go back to an earlier version is TLA 0406 (?)

This is the info from the download page on Plextor’s EU site:

If your drive originally came with firmware V1.05 installed, it will not be possible to install a lower version of firmware. If your drive originally came with firmware lower than V1.05, it will be possible to install a lower version of firmware after upgrading to firmware V1.05.

hmm, nothing equivalent on the US site :confused:

Maybe they just changed the FW chip somehow??? :confused:

So what is the latest hardware/firmware revision for px716a??
I have a TLA#0304 (january 2005) bought apri,l 2, 2005.
Are there TLA#04xx (newest hardware revision)??
Thank you

The latest known TLA is #0305 which Two Degrees just reported. A drive with TLA #04xx has not been reported here.

Probably TLA #04xx is shipping now because tla 0305 is out of stock; plextor has finished a new serie of plextor drives with new features and probably fw 1.06 pre-installed.

ummm, what’s your basis for those speculations? just cause a TLA is out of stock, doesn’t mean a new one is shipping. what do you mean “plextor has finished a new series of drives with new features”? not trying to be rude, just curious as to why you think this.

Just arrived today a TLA 0306 to the computer shop I work…

thanks for the info Frontier…and welcome to CDFreaks :bigsmile: :wave:

Frontier. Thx for the info. Just wondering if the box says in big print somewhere that the Firrmware can not be fashed below a certian FW#. No big deal just inquiring minds. :slight_smile:

So TLA#0306 will have fw 1.06. Well, my speculation is about plextor has changed some function on the chipset of the dvd-recorder in order to give good results in cheap dvd media.

It has been because of the growing of competence on pionner and benq/philips dvd recorders that look like cheap media is beaten without problems speacially for ps2/xbox systems

ahh, i see. doesn’t the AutoStrategy feature work on cheap media? i have no first hand experience since i don’t waste time or money on Prodisc/etc.

What about DVD-R logo on the tray bezel of the new TLA?
Does new TLAs have this new logo on the tray bezel?

my TLA 0101 and 0202 have the -R logo.

Be great if they put Plextor and the Model# back on the Black bezel though. :sad:

true true, but i’m no label whore. as long as i know what drive it is, i don’t care. take a look at some of the other drives’ faceplates - they’re hideous.

Are you sure that it isn’t +R logo?
I have a TLA 0203 and it had only RW DVD + R DL logo!
Can you post a foto of your 716 front BEZEL?

@drpinoBenQ Maybe??? At least Plextor is not loud. :bigsmile: