TLA#0203 - Ver. 1.03 - Won't copy SD2

I’m running this system:

P3 733
Plextor 24/10/40A Rev 1.03 (straight out of the box)
TLA# 0203
Clonecd v

I just got the burner yesterday, and burned some Mp3’s so I know the drive works, but when I try to copy Max Payne and Wizardry 8 (both SD2), the copied disc won’t start the game… “Error-Insert correct CD”. I used the default settings in Ccd, and those suggested from Clony. I’ve burned about 9 coasters trying different settings, speeds, and nothing has worked yet. Maybe it has to do with the TLA#… ?? Don’t know, next I’ll try to downgrade the Firmware to 1.02 and see what happens with that. If anyone has any ideas, I’d listen…

Did you try eneble the “hide cdr media” in the clonecd tray icon?

I’m no expert but i think when you play your copy from your burner. This is nesserery. Newer SD2 versions check if the disk is in a burner or not.

Check my reply in the other thread

I Have a Plextor 241040 TLA#0202 v1.03 Firm. and the game Max Payne work perfectly !! Using CloneCD + ClonyXXL

Bye GmY