TLA 0202 with 1.03

Had to return my my 716a TLA 0001 because of a tray problem.Returned it to BB on 12/22.Got a 716 TLA 0202/1.02.Copied a DVD without problems before flashing to 1.03!Now it takes 3 Min. to burn “Lead in”???The copies work fine,but the 3 min. lead in does’nt seem wright.Anyone else have this problem??Can I flash back to 1.02??Could it be the source??(I,Robot)has some different protection on it that may cause this??I use DVD shrink and NERO to burn.Seems the problem started after flash to 1.03!!Thanks in advance!!


what media are you using?

I did “I, ROBOT” the other day on my 712A with shrink.
Did it twice: once without AEC and once with AEC Max. Smooth.
I did re-author, though, movie only.
And used Plextools to burn.
I noticed nothing abnormal.
I ripped with Decrypter no problem.
Occasionally, I do get very long leadOUTs, though.

Thanks for the replies.Maybe I should try another movie before I question anymore!!!I’ll try and get back!!As for media I’m using SONY DVD-R’s,I’m sure there not the best.But did’nt have this problem until I flashed to 1.03!

“3 mins lead in”…
Sounds that you’re using “unsupported media”, such as CMCMAG etc, and the AutoStrategy function was actually kicked in, registering the “unsupported media” into the database. I am sure that the next burn with this media will be much faster.

Thanks for the reply!!Yes it was much faster second time!!Thanks again!!!Happy Holidays to all!!

just to follow

Hello !

I would like to know of it is possible to register unsupported medias in the AS Database without burning them (BTT sacrifizing every 1st one of each new type !).
For example can you introduce an “unsupported media”, such as CMCMAG etc… by using the “media Quality Check” button in “Advanced / Drive settings” of Plextools
and how does the unsupported DVD show up in the Database: by the MID code? and how is its future burning speed dertemined ?

Second question: what happens if you do a “Media Quality Check” on a DVD
supported by the firmware? Does it also show up in the AS Database?

And then if you burn this in the firmware listed media with the setting “Autostrategy ON” which write strategy is the burning software (Plextools to stay simple) going to use: the one listed in the firmware or the one introduced in the AS Database because AS in on ?