Tla 0104?



Seen at Best Buy in Ohio: Plextor 716A with TLA 0104. The TLA sticker was smaller and used a different font than every other TLA stickers (which were all identical size and font).

Anyone else seen this or can shed some light on what is going on? Is this a bootleg?!

BTW, picked up the TLA 0304 at that time but have not installed yet.


no its just rev 1 hardware with rev 1.04 fw nothing odd at all. most rev 1 hardware came with rev 1 fw but its very possible that some rev1 hardware stock was updated to fw 1.04 at factory making TLA#0104


that are RMA Drives.they were reselled!


This is possible, but not true with 100% certainty: It is possible that some older rev hardware was misplaced or older components used, but it’s a little hard to believe!

They’re still selling external units with TLA #00xx around here!


It all seems plausible.

I trust Plextor.

I don’t trust Best Buy, particularly after reading that BB uses a “Devils” and “Angels” (their words, not mine) strategy to their business. “Devils” are those that only purchase sale priced items, and those customers are to be discouraged. “Angels” are those that purchase regularly priced items and will be notified of special offers. Off topic, but my two cents worth.


FWIW, I have a 716UF TLA 0101 and a 716A TLA 0202 and have never encountered any of these supposed “low TLA number issues”. Any problems I’ve had have been traced down to software isssues, either with Nero or Roxio (both have their own issues). I’m guessing that many issues others are having are due to software/hardware (such as motherboard/drivers etc.) and different combinations of them. True, there must be some issues with older TLAs but I think the whole issue is being a bit overblown. Any electronic component goes through hardware revisions but I doubt people are returning/RMAing camcorders, VCRs, TVs, etc, etc just because a number on it is lower than a certain value. If so many drives are “bad” due to a low TLA number, maybe Plextor should recall all of them. Maybe I’ve just been lucky with mine…:bigsmile: