TL47 Livemotion problem anyone?



I can't get livemotion from TL47 started. It gives a trailperiod expired message.
Did anyone else get the program started?
Are their any patches/cracks to fix it?


Just checking:

In the TL Menu they mention the serial number … Did u use that also ??


after clicking on install, it starts the installation procedure just as in office 2000. After a while the installation from adobe pops up, you fill in your name serial etc. then it tries to install QuickTime. Ignore that one. After the prog. is installed it tries to install the crack this doesn’t work so I unpacked it manually. (The crack only contains some docs & samples nothing more, it doesn’t look like a real crack except that the serial nr is named in a folder.) When I tried to start the program it gives the trial period has been expired message. Which means it could be a beta release or something like that but when looking in the doc files the last version number is mentioned and not the beta release. I think it the serial is just not enough, you need somekinda patch for it.

(I had the same problem with macromedia dreamweaver 2 (some time ago) this one didn’t contain a working patch either. But with astalavista I was able to patch in anyway.)


Correct, I have just the same problem. When trying to apply the crack, after the installation of Livemotion, he gives me the error “Could not open archive”. Suggestions?


Contact Twilight about this and they’ll probably bring out a new crack!
Or try 2 search yourself at the local crackstores on the net 4 a crack!



Just mailed TL about it! Couldn’t find a crk myself!


why is it that nobody talks about this bug? Normally when there’s something wrong with a TL-release all related site (cdfreaks, tlzone, galaxyman,…) jump on top of it! Now nothing! After several weeks that it has been released…




Since release 35 their are almost no bug reports concerning the twilight cd’s. Not on twilight zone not on the official site. Only bugs in menu’s or some add-on’s are reported.

For example
I still can’t use UT from the twilight cd’s. (Music files are corrupt, I can start the prog in DX6 windowed, the update on 45 makes the program crash) On almost every release their are some bugs…
Livemotion seems to be complete except for a wrong serial or wrong patch. That’s why I posted this topic.


I told U guys that I mailed TL but haven’t heard from them!
When I installed Livemotion it said that my trial time is over! But I can’t find a way to insert a key! (Not that I have 1!)