TiVo to provide ads during commercial fast forwarding

I just posted the article TiVo to provide ads during commercial fast forwarding.

Advertising billboards, logos or what TiVo is calling “popups” will be appearing after an automatic upgrade to most users beginning next year. Although consumers will…

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Ahhh, glad I have my ReplayTV with 250GB HD inside and automatic commercial advance… yes… life is good.

Hey, does that work pretty good? :stuck_out_tongue:

now I consider myself average and have not bought anything that was advert driven for many many years, so I have to ask, how effective are these advertising campaigns ???..or do they just not get the picture…:X

So TiVO will go down and someone else will take their place. That’s what happrn when companies become too greedy.

God damn guys… you can still fast forward through the commercial… what’s the big ideal. You act as though you’re inconvienienced in some way. You’ll skip commercials just as quickly… the only way you’ll see the ad is if you’re looking at the screen. And if you’re looking at the screen you’re seeing ads being fastforwarded anyhow. It sounds like a creative alternative for advertisers. After all they pay for the TV you’re watching… calling them greedy is incredibly unfair. I mean fuck, if they’re greedy for paying for your free TV what does that make you with this bitching. Second I’d rather this happen then have a yearly TV fee, or have ads inserted into programs themselves. Both of those were heavily considered to combat DVR’s. Hopefully this is a way that we can all get along. We’ll still get advertiser supported TV, we’ll still bleep through those commercials in a matter of seconds on our Tivo’s… what’s the big uproar? I swear, I’m increasingly more convinced that half of you just like being pissed off about anything.

Tv aint free where i come from

:(These guys “just don’t get it!!!” We fast forward because we don’t want to view the ads. So forcing us to view ads anyway just made up my mind. I will not go with TIVo.:frowning:

No, you don’t “get it”. They’re not forcing you to watch the ads. The hacks that let you skip forward will still work. If thats all it takes to turn you off of Tivo, then I don’t believe you were interested in it in the first place.

As for the free TV… sorry if it’s different in other countries. I honestly wasn’t certain Tivo was even used outside the US. However in the states we have free TV. They’re also known as “local” channels and consist of networks like Fox, NBC, ABC, CBS, PBS… etc. This is where the majority of TV watching is done in the states, mostly due to the fact it’s free. It’s paid for by advertisers. Second, this is just a bunch of bitching and moaning simply so people can have something to complain about. As it stands it takes a matter of 3-5 seconds to skip through a commercial on Tivo, unhacked. I don’t see why anyone would care what the fuck the TV shows for the 3-5 seconds you’re waiting for your show to start back up. It’s not as though you’re waiting longer. You’re out the same exact amount of time… and this way the advertisers are left somewhat happy. There were and are alot of folks going after things like Tivo to have them shut down. They think of Tivo as theft, and Tivo is doing anything they can to keep their service running for you guys. They’re doing their best to keep the people who pay for your TV shows happy. If you idiots don’t stop your bitching pretty soon we’ll all be watching commercials… for 5 mintues, not 3 seconds. And Tivo will be a thing of the past because for no logical reason you had to create an issue where there isn’t one.