Tivo to dvd

I have been trying to copy tivo to dvd and I keep having the problem that the dvd when played in set top players causes the problem that if the picture has any movement in it, the movement appears jumpy, staggered, out of sinc, blurry,etc., the still shots with little or no movement are fine.

When I play this dvd in my computer the picture is fine, no problems at all.

I normally use verbatim +r/+rw. I have tried different discs, same results.

tivo desktop 2.3a
direct dump or video redo

Any thoughts?

Well after a lot of searching and reading I finally came across what the problem was I was experiencing and how to solve it.

The non-HD Tivo files had an interlaced picture and when this file was re-encoded to dvd the interlacing was not preserved correctly. Some of the frames were tff (top frame first) and others were bff (bottom frame first).

By running the edited video through gui4ffmpeg it preserved the interlacing and now the dvd plays back perfectly on the tv.

Is this something that convertxtodvd can do? Am I not setting something correctly? Or is this possibly a future fix?

If your tivo-original is not recognized by CxD then you need to convert it to compliant format. (progressive or interlace, both work, they just need to be properly formatted streams) After that there is no problems.
I have that same “problem” with my Topfield files, but after using small program to fix those files they convert just fine. Fixing takes minute or two.

What prog are you using for the tff fix?

I use program that is done by Topfield users, it works only for Topfield format.
Search for similar, “convert TiVo to mpeg2” might be good phrase…

This is what I got with it: