TiVo intros anytime-TV-viewing for PCs

Earlier this week TiVo announced their anytime-TV-viewing service for computers. The company struggled for a while, but now thinks that this service will make the company’s TV mascot smile once again. Forbes described the whole situation as the company’s Internet move and the article clearly describes a change from manufacturer to service provider.

For years everyone knew TiVo as the manufacturer of digital video recorders, but from now on the company will market itself as the provider of services. “A trend that’s infiltrating everything from computer software to video games,” Forbes believes.

TiVo’s new service, called LiquidTV, will be available for $99 in October. It’s a software bundle delivered by both TiVo and Nero that allows the regular TV pausing and recording. Besides this the service will allow transportation to devices such as Apple’s iPod and Sony’s PSP.

Joshua Danovitz, general manager at TiVo, describes that the introduction of LiquidTV is part of the company’s goal to allow users to access there content whenever and wherever.