TiVo begins testing pop-up ads while skipping the commercials

Since it looks like the deal with Comcast is a go, I think Tivo is shooting themselves in the foot. I have 3 Tivo boxes now but will gladly get rid of them when this crap starts even though they have all been upgraded and cost quite a bit in total. I can’t imagine why anyone would ever buy a Tivo device knowing that this was going to be happeneing. And believe me, I love tivo and have sold several of my friends on it and they all love it now also. I can’t imagine what Tivo is thinking.
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I just posted the article TiVo begins testing pop-up ads while skipping the commercials.

 So one  may have thought they have seen the last of pop-up advertising after forking  out on their last really effective anti pop-up tool, only to switch on their  TiVo, start fast forwarding...
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I believe what they are thinking is ‘What is going to keep our company alive?’ With the recent turmoil going on within their company & it’s future, they obviously had to do something to keep $ coming in and your current tivos functioning. ::

Let me get this straight – part of Tivo’s selling point is skipping through commercials… but then they give you a commercial? That seems to make as much sense as an anti-spyware program installing spyware.

kinda makes as much sense as a more secure windows haha. But they gotta do something to keep the dollars running in, cause obviously they are not charging the customers enough. I would take this annoyance over a 200% increase in my fees, if I had Tivo. Till then I will just edit out the commercials before I view something. More work but worth it.

Wow… it doesn’t take much to piss you guys off. I mean sure, at first I heard about Tivo doing this and I was alarmed. I don’t like the idea of anyone forcing me to view ads. Especially when I purchase a DVD and I’m forced to sit through a half hour of movie previews and what not… But all Tivo is doing is popping up an ad while you’re fastforwarding through a commercial. Honestly, where is the harm. It takes, what, about 10 seconds to skip through a commercial and you’re watching the screen to see when your show comes back on anyhow… what does it matter if a pop up is displayed. Was watching a garbled commercial being fast-forwarded that important to you? That’s all you’ll be missing. You can still fast-forward exactly as you could before. And on the plus side, it’ll give advertisers and cable TV providers some leverage. As it is they’ve been fighting seriously over future HDTV PVR’s to try and avoid the consumer having too much control. One of the major arguments is that TV is paid in large part by advertisers… and if you’re skipping ads advertisers are going to pay less money. If everyone had PVR’s advertisers wouldn’t want to pay much to air a commercial. This way, Tivo can keep advertisers, providers and customers happy. This is just plain irritating. I know that the fat lot of most internet users just like to gather in groups and bitch, but come on. It’s the same mentality that ruined any advantage consumers had over the RIAA with Napster. Downloaders stopped being logical and ended up consumed with greed, ignoring all logic and becoming far worse than the monster they were originally trying to fight. Instead of being reasonable they lost sight of their original, justifiable point and took things too far for their own personal gain. Now it looks like we’re seeing this again, atleast judging by the reaction thus far. An entirely reasonable method to keep everyone happy has been proposed and it’s already meeting backlash as though they’re forcing you to go back to watching 4 minutes worth of commercials. Oh and swspjcd… keep in mind, once the greed of consumers coupled with the greed of the providers has toppled Tivo… you can expect Comcast to follow suit, and of course once they have the monopoly they’ll probably do far worse things in the future. Investing in a company who already controls you content, to give them control of how you’re allowed to watch the content is stupid. Atleast with Tivo, they have the rights of the consumer in their minds instead of the rights of themselves. I guarantee you that Comcast won’t be thinking of anything but protecting their programing. And into the plans they have for Voip and how they’re already trying to sabotage the competiton… putting even more eggs into one basket is by far the worse decision anyone could make. Get a grip people. The Tivo plan helps our argument more than it hurts us. Now advertisers and cable providers can’t claim we’re stealing TV by skipping commercials. It’s less ammo for their camp… but the way some idiots seem to be preaching it seems they’ve tricked the naive into destroying Tivo on their own. Once more idiots have screwed things for the rest of us. Way to destroy our rights by fighting compromise.

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“go back to watching 4 minutes worth of commercials” Did something change from yeaterday? I can record a one hour American chopper show and after editing out everything but the program itself im now have a 40 minute show. Thats 33%. I have edited some things where the figure came closer to 40%. Sorry: People are sick up to their eyeballs with ad’s, scams, frauds, and plain old BS. MHO

Lol Look at the date people… iTS APRIL FOOLS DAY. What was it last year? The whole site was in Japanese? Get a grip… learn to laugh a little

no it’s not, the original article is from a couple of days ago

Sorry, but this TiVo news is for real: It may be worth searching Google news for TiVo “Pop-up” ads and you’ll see many results dating back as far as March 27th.

jab1981, If anything I think Tivo putting up popups while skipping commecials gives the TV business more ammo. It’s like, “You’re taking away our commercials and putting up your own.” I see it as hijacking TV’s intellectual property and revenue source for Tivo’s benefit. Who knows what the next thing could be? Tivo hijacking commercials and putting up their own full commercials? It’s a slippery slope we’re on here. That’s got to really annoy commercial TV, and they’re in so much trouble these days, they’re bound to react badly. But they’ve still got the bucks to make trouble.

“Did something change from yeaterday? I can record a one hour American chopper show and after editing out everything but the program itself im now have a 40 minute show. Thats 33%. I have edited some things where the figure came closer to 40%. Sorry: People are sick up to their eyeballs with ad’s, scams, frauds, and plain old BS. MHO” Again, another over reaction. If you want to edit it yourself. You can still do that. Also these pop ups, in fact, seem to have no effect on TivoToGo… Tivo’s own computer editing-burning feature. You can and probably always will be able to edit out commercials on your own. This is specifically directed at people who intend on watching TV shows directly from there Tivo… and when you watch this or any TV show directly from a PVR you’re always going to have to fast forward through commercials as if a PVR was removing them they’d be sued as was the case previously. Simply put, we’re discussing people watching TV directly from Tivo. These people are already spending the 10 seconds fast forwarding, and since you mention you edit your own TV shows I’ll explain the experience. You see roughly 10 seconds of garbled video fragments and as a user you try to wait until you can see that your show has resumed. A pop-up isn’t going to change this. You’re still going to be able to fast-forward just as quickly through commercials… the only thing a pop up might intefere with is your ability to watch garbled images of fast forwarded commercials… and of course as you say people are “sick up to their eyeballs with ad’s” so why is everyone crying foul? It would be different if you were forced to view the pop ups before you could fast-forward or if they popped up during the show… but this is simply not the case. It seems to be a clever and rather unobtrusive way to get the deliver the advertisers message and support while still giving the customer a 10 second commercial skip. Some of the alternatives posed to DVR’s so far are that you would have to pay an extra monthly fee to replace the income lost by advertisers you aren’t watching or that you would have to pay a yearly TV license fee. Or even that TV shows would actually insert the advertisements into the shows themselves. These are the approaches I think we need to fight. Inserting a small pop up ad over the small amount of time you spend fast forwarding through your commercials should not. Everyone seems to forget that, in part, advertising pays for the content we see on TV. You cannot eliminate ads entirely, atleast not without some of the consequences I mentioned above. It was a remarkable system actually, a technically free service (as you can recieve content, even HD content for free). The PVR eliminates the effectiveness of advertising and in effect eliminates the amount income it provides. As I said before, you can either fight an inobtrusive 10 second pop up to the death or you can have the content providers continue to force through concepts like broadcast flags which will effectively put an end to the consumers ability to control the content on our own. Basically, you’ll end up fighting a small trivial issue that doesn’t make the current situation any worse no matter how you describe it… but this could actually put an end to some of the more drastic actions content providers intend to and plan on taking if current trends don’t change. We aren’t going to win with that attitude, and we’ve already shown that in the battle we lost against the RIAA. We had control of the monopoly and lost it by the same greed and pigheadedness we’re demonstrating again. We’re taking up arms against a prefectly legitimate compromise. If we don’t accept the reasonable compromise now we’ll end up with far more severe “compromises” in the future when content providers flex their control. Especially when people like swspjcd so eager to hand control of their TV’s directly to Comcast.

I’m sorry you viewed my thoughts as over reaction. To that end I am sorry, that was not my intent. I’m aware of my ability to edit a recorded TV program or for that matter anything that this computer downloads. But perhaps it’s just starting to go over the limit. An example is the showing of the movie Titanic on regular TV a while back. It was a 6 to 8 minutes of (for lack of a better general term) ad’s for every 6 to 8 minutes of program. In less the ½ an hour it became so painful I changed the channel. Had I not already owned a legal tape of Titanic there is no question in my mind I would have just downloaded it over some client and been done with it. It would have taken less time then to edit it. I see and read your thoughts and they are not wrong, I was just talking from the chair I sit in and it is just a regular chair the same as most who sit in here. A tivo is nothing more then a digital VCR. My VCR I control, theirs im not so sure anymore. I would ask if I may given the direction tivo is going will you have the ability to edit and archive a movie you happen to like in a way you would like it? Again im sorry if I offended. BK

Advertising has gone over the top. It is relentless and all-encompassing. It should be curtailed. One must impose self-control on the amount of advertising one is exposed to in order to avoid being persuaded to buy, buy and buy. Our consumer-driven culture is slowly cannibalising itself.

I actually have several Tivo’s … I haven’t yet seen any pop-ups… But I dread seeing them soon. It isn’t like I can keep my boxes from updating their firmware… I LOVE my Tivo at this point. I mostly prefer to be behind on my programs so that I can watch them later and skip the commercials. Fast forward with Tivo (and the ‘jump-back’ feature) ISN’t anything like with a vcr… or even a DVD. It’s ultra convenient, and you skip commercials (all of them) easily in seconds. The way I look at it is, if the ad goes away when I push play (or whenever I get back to real-time; or regular speed mode however I get there) then fine. No problem for me. If it stays up until I click on it (like an internet popup) than that sucks but I might still be able to live with it. If it stays up for a minimum duration and cannot be cancelled? Bag it, I’ll cancel the Tivo. To me, that’s the primary attraction. There are of course others, but If I’m going to be forced to watch programs in real time (and not be able to skip commercials) I’m not sure I can justify it the expense of the service … when I have enough vcr’s to tape what I want anyway. I might of course look into building my own PC based dvr however, to take Tivo’s place. If the major networks start getting worried no advertisers will pay for their content as more and more folks get DVR’s … then just make us pay for the content. I’d happily subscribe to any network that wanted to charge me to watch quality programming… if it had quality programming. If commercial TV can’t afford good shows then, I’m sure the good shows that get axed will show up on pay TV instead. No worry to me.

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All those TiVo defense arguments reminds me discussions on DishNetwork forum. As soo as one one tried to point some negative fact about DN service, a “storm arised”. I cannot believe people are raving about TiVo for so long… The good alternative was/is ReplayTV. (And if you want ReplayTV shoutcommings: single tuner, no HDTV capability :-). I an not subjective. I do not own neither ot them. Tried them in action, though) As someone already mentioned it, if the device that should allow you skip commercials actually force feed them on you - this stinks big time. Was not it a “nice” guesture, when TiVo (in Britain, I believe) force some program, effectively overwriting already scheduled recording

Ah yes, ReplayTV, you know, they may not have their automatic commercial advance anymore (thankfully I still have a unit that does), but they still have a function in which pressing a right arrow button much like skipping a chapter of a DVD, it will skip to the end of a commercial segmant. They’re still the rulers of DVR, and always will be.