Titles with cd200

i was wondering if any one can give me a few audio titles with cactus data shied 200 coz i have heard it is difficult to rip or burn cd’s with this protection i would like to try. i am a guy who buy’s audio cd’s for their protection rather than listen to the songs.
anyway, thanx in advance

On Amazon.com (US site) do a search for “Copy Controlled” anything that comes up is CDS200 there aren’t many in the US or UK, tons in Japan (Biggest buyers).

Depends on what version of CDS200 it is and what drive you have. It can be hard, easy or impossible depending on your drive.

i found one with cd200 i.e blue guilty and bought it coz the music is okay and it is atleast listenable and the only one i could find where i lived .
thanx anyway audio copy

Most recent EMI discs have CDS200 on them, at least in Australia.

(A Perfect Circle - Thirteenth Step, Ben Harper - Diamonds on the Inside, Blur - Think Tank, Radiohead - Hail to the Thief)