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From a manufacturing perspective most duplicators have simply retrofitted existing equipment to produce discs. That was intentional from the beginning to keep costs lower unlike the DVD to Blu-ray transition. Despite the move to triple layer for titles (such as Braveheart, Gladiator, and SPR most recently) which allows for less tolerance, the actual QC spec for the discs appears to have stayed the same as their standard BD counterparts. It is definitely frustrating to say the least, but as you pointed out this very well could be the last ‘hoorah’ in physical media for the studios so playing the ‘good enough’ game may be all they are after. Fact is, those of us who are deep into the hobby are buying it regardless of the issues.

Edit: I am seeing AV sync issues in MakeMKV with Gladiator. Are you?


It just finished. Not a single error reported by MakeMKV. I’m going to watch it this weekend - it’s been a long while and this is one in my “top 10” best. Will see how the rip holds up. Hopefully no audio dropouts, but this is DTS, not Dolby Atmos.

I think you may have a bum disc.

My output:

Saving 1 titles into directory T:/RAIDMain/Movies
Forced subtitles track #3 turned out to be empty and was removed from output file
Forced subtitles track #5 turned out to be empty and was removed from output file
1 titles saved


Do you have AV Sync error reporting turned on in MakeMKV?


No - seems I had that enabled on my Mac version of MakeMKV but not the Windows version. Just turned it on. Will be interesting then to see this weekend how well the rip holds up

ON a separate note, looks like my Hunger Games Catching Fire disc is bad. Two drives report errors via MakeMKV and while it’s not ripping, it’s struggling to do so. Will probably send it back to Amazon for a replacement…


I checked my copy and despite the AV sync issues reported the playback at those spots appear fine. Usually if they are under 100ms they don’t present a problem and in this case none of them were. Most often they are attributed to mastering problems and I am sure they could be a result of the extensive seamless branching on this title.

Sorry to hear about Catching Fire. I didn’t have any issues with my HG discs, but at this point I think it is just luck.


It’s ripping albeit slowly. Now that I have AV Sync Error (re)enabled - HG is reporting at least one so far, .666ms.

I used to have that enabled. perhaps installing updates on Windows to MakeMKV reverted it. In any case, of the 4K rips I have watched, can’t say I’ve noticed issues. Sadly I’ve maybe watched 25-30% of what I’ve ripped so far. Find me some time!


You are doing better than I am in terms of percentage complete of owned to watched discs. Of the 275 I have now I have probably watched 10… maybe…


I have the NS40 and had no issues ripping Gladiator and Braveheart. I do remember similar issues like
the ones @TheShoe has, when I had the drive connected with a USB enclosure, I then switched to a cheap 30€ RAID Controler (4 Port) and got the drive there, no issues. Doesn’t make any sense I know…but well…here we are :laughing:


Gladiator took 3 tries for me on an NS40.

  1. Hash check failed.
  2. Failed to load content hash table.
  3. Success! :smiley:


So far for me, Gladiator, Braveheart, Die Hard have all ripped fine. I’ve been putting some time on the NS40 (firmware 1.02) to give the Asus a break.

Someone somewhere stated they had issues over USB but not over SATA. I had that same problem way back in the early DeUHD days, but never again. That was an OLD PC isolated from my network, USB 2, that I was using because I was concerned DeUHD was some trojan/malware.

We are quite fortunate that these drive manufacturers supported BDXL well in advance of UHD.


Replacement copy of Braveheart ripped fine. But it took a LONG time…
Like ~2hrs or so… first disc that took anywhere near that long.


i now have two of the Hunger Games movies that refuse to load by any drive i use. replacing them today.

i should pop them in to the Oppo 203 and see if they even play…


DeUHD updated 8 discs on May 21.

Die Hard
Gladiator (2000)
King Kong
La La Land
The Martian

New Updated program

To install the new version, you need to uninstall the old version and restart your computer first.


Great news indeed. I am honestly surprised they updated the driver, but i am glad to be wrong about this one. Installed this morning and it works fine.


Latest version “installed OK” after removing all earlier versions, but it removed the signed driver for my LG drive; fortunately, I reverted to a SSD backup from last week that has Win 1709 from March. This is obviously still a work in precess…I suspect it’ll eventually get resolved.


DeUHD still won’t work if Secure Boot is enabled. So, their fix is a partial fix and their changelog is not specific enough, IMO. In order to get it to work you must disable Secure Boot which is a non-starter for me.

PS: I tested and confirmed.


So my copy of Fury showed up early. It has AACS 2.1 on it. Can’t even get a dump.


Whoa! WTH??
What an interesting and unfortunate turn this saga has taken!
Does this mean our drives are paperweights?


Well, neither my NS40 or NS60 will create a dump. Just crashes MakeMKV. I have reached out to Mike with the news. Doesn’t look good…

DeUHD did upload information for the disc. Will be very curious to see if Arusoft can crack it. Could suddenly make them VERY relevant again.


Hmmm, strange. I thought I had secure boot enabled on my machine… guess I need to go check.