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Ah, ha you are correct, thank you

Added 10 more discs tested. 63 remaining to test.


Alien Covenant (US) – UPC 02453392057
The Martian Extended (US) – UPC 02454327825280
Guardians of the Galaxy 2 (US - Steelbook; no UPC)
Hacksaw Ridge (US) – UPC 031398259572
Mad Max Fury Road (US) – UPC 883929537631

Not supported as of Oct 17, 2017:

Fantastic Beasts (US) – still does not work

Still to re-test:

Star Trek Beyond (US)
John Wick (US)


Thanks. Added to the list. Were these tested using

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Alien Covenant
The Martian Extended
Fantastic Beasts

All the rest –

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The ‘limit’ that Arusoft has put into place for DeUHD is completely absurd. I have ripped one title in 12 hours and still hit the limit. I am guessing that all of the titles I have been checking regardless of whether they are supported count against this seemingly arbitrary limit.

Added 9 titles this morning.

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I have made this thread a " Sticky".

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Thanks alan1476. Right now I keep it updated enough it sort of stays at the top automatically, but that won’t last forever.

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I will be able to join in on the testing tomorrow, I havent been feeling well, and my LG UHD drive will be in the computer today.

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Great news. The more the merrier.

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Star Trek Beyond (US) is now supported.

UPC: 032429253392

Further, a note on the Martian Extended:

I ripped it to a folder. Make sure if you remux using something like mkvtoolsnix you use playlist 801.mlps (eng) as this movie is several m2ts files.

The software isn’t perfect - there is at least one m2ts file on the martain that is corrupted. i have to re-rip that file. thankfully it is small. this is with

Also there is a folder called “DFEX” which has a bunch of files in it. This is not created by DEUHD but is on the disc. some discussion of it here:


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Thanks for the addition TheShoe. I have added it to the list. Interesting notes on The Martian Extended. I have seen some 1080p BDs done the same way. MakeMKV usually simplifies that kind of work, but since that isn’t an option yet you just have to piece it together based on the MPLS file. I’m guessing you probably already knew that though.

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Great idea. Would be cool to have something like that bdnorsk.xlsx (6.3 KB)

And this excel document can have tabs UK | US | GER | ITA | JPN etc

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15 new added to the list. La La Land reaches 88% of decryption and then gives me a connection failure issue. I have tried three times and it fails consistently at the same spot so I am tentatively putting it at SUPPORTED for now, but this could change if the connection issue does not resolves itself.

If I get some time, I will migrate this list to Excel.


Also let me or @alan1476 if you need anything from us, either something concerning the forum software or something else we help with!

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Thanks DoMiN8ToR… will do…

One side effect I had not even considered with ripping UHD copies is the ability to mux the Atmos or DTS:X track into my regular BDs on my Plex server. I moved the Atmos tracks from both Guardians of the Galaxy, vol. 2 and Alien: Covenant into the 1080p version without an issue. Pretty awesome.


Just so every knows, I am sure you do , but I’ll post it for the people that are new. When you buy a title, in some movie they are marked as the UE ( Ultimate Edition) . These movies have a different code than the single movies edition. So please specify as to what one you have. The easiest way to do this is by listing the UPC Code on the jacket. Thanks. I ran into this problem with Batman vs Superman. It came with 2 discs, Bluray and 4K UHD, and a digital download. The disk I bought is not supported yet. My drive and my DeUHD program is fully functional now, so if anyone has any issues they want my help with , please do not hesitate to ask.