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Anyone have issues backing up BTTF 1 ? Two “official UHD” drive refused to read it; an older “friendly” drive read it, backed it up (took almost 3 hours), and MakeMKV reported a “Read Error” but eventually said backup complete.

If it also hasn’t been said before - this cardboard “book” they are using to hold the BTTF discs is terrible. There is no clean/easy way to remove the disc from the holder to prevent the disc from getting fingerprints, etc on it. For my Star Wars Skywalker collection, some of the discs were actually stuck in the holder and took a good amount of force to pull them out.

I had no issues backing up the collection. Sounds like you might have a problematic disc. Can you exchange it?

Should be able to - haven’t had it more than a week or two at this point. Going to watch it tonight from the backup; if no issues, just going to keep it.


Daughters of Darkness (1971)
Showgirls (1995) (DE)