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New added support discs by DeUHD

Old Boy

My Italian copy of Midsommar DC 4KBD showed up today. Can’t wait to see what it looks like. Will report back.

How does Midsommar look? I just ordered mine. Should be here in a couple weeks.

I’m taking the holidays here in the US to catch up on the ripping backlog. Cars 2 is proving difficult. Failed twice on one drive, completed on another but one m2ts file failed; all in MakeMKV. Since pixar titles are seamless branched like crazy, one failed file is bad.

Trying DeUHD now which so far so good. Also cleaned the disc a third time. Fewer and farther between are problem discs, but still annoying when it occurs.

Update: DeUHD success on Cars 2.

Looks good. HDR is decent. Not overblown, but natural looking. The resolution is a noticeable improvement. Seems sharper than the upscaled 1080p.

Edit: I haven’t run across a problematic disc in months. Usually it is a triple layer title that gets me.

DeUHD new support discs


It Chapter Two (2019) is released and supported.


Darlin’ (2019) (DE)

Mike released a new version of MakeMKV today with AACS 2.1 support. Anyone had a chance to try it? I’m traveling so I can’t play with it.

I am decrypting my Fury UHD with MakeMKV right now, as I type this. Once it is done, I will try my Zombieland UHD.

DeUHD new support discs


BBC’s Seven Worlds One Planet (2019) is released and supported.