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Hellboy (2019) is out and supported.

Are they talking about a universal AACS 2.0 crack?
Like with Blu-ray AACS 1.0?
If they fully automate this and it becomes universal with any disc not waiting for support, then it will be a good time to purchase a license.

This is what they are saying:

If you failed to open your disc, just retry after 1 working day. DeUHD will decrypt it automatically for you!

Judging from the vague description, I’d go out on a limb and say this new installer mostly promises a 24h fix for discs that haven’t been scanned before. It’s not “on the fly” like AnyDVD is for blu-rays.
With most discs seem to be cracked before any normal person could buy them, this should cover quite a lot.

i’ve fallen a little behind on new releases and so anything i buy is always supported. y the time i get around to it.

but still pretty cool…

is anyone having problems with there bluray drive not being recognized by makemkv or deuhd?? ifso can u help me thanks

Moon ([2009] is supported

Email from DEUHD:


Here comes the exciting news that DeUHD 2.0.0 has been able to rip ALL UHD discs. If you failed to open your disc, just retry after 1 working day. DeUHD will decrypt it automatically for you!

Please feel free to update to DeUHD 2.0.0 to have a try now https://www.deuhd.ru

DeUHD software 4K UHD copy software

DeUHD is the easiest way to save your Blu-ray 4K UHD disks, making it easy to view on any Blu-ray UHD disc media players and playback software.


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Curious if anyone rips on Macs? I believe MakeMKV is supported there.

can someone help me my LG Bluray drive has stopped reading all blurays including normal and uhd thanks

This is not the proper thread for this. Start a new thread and ask for help there.


The Doors (1991)
Free Solo (2018) (DE)

also: Pokémon Detective Pikachu

My copy of THE DOORS wasn’t supported by either utility. Curious to see if it is supported by DeUHD tomorrow per the 24 hour turnaround commitment.

Detective Pikachu?? That doesn’t come out until August 6th
DAMN that was fast, must be the fastest UHD disc supported, 2 weeks earlier, never seen that before.

For SW: The Last Jedi a few disc versions were supported at least a month prior to official release. Several reviewers (or lucky individuals) got that UHD BD a month early for their reviews. And a couple of keys started to appear around that time as well.

Also, some regions may have an earlier release date then the US for some UHD BDs. For example, How to Train Your Dragon 3 came out in Australia a month or so before the US release and keys started to appear for that release around that time as well.

The title of this thread is explicitly called “Titles Support List”. Not hardware support.

Also, MakeMKV has their own (and fairly active) support forum. It would be a very obvious next step to go there and ask for assistance to see if anyone has or is experiencing the same issue as you.

Searching/reading that forum can probably yield existing solutions and/or advise on what to do next as well.

tried next step was here its more active here


Prospect (2018) (DE)

Has anyone got issues with Fury (yes the 2.1 AACS Title)? I just re-ripped it with DEUHD 2.0 and I’m getting the video breaking up during playback.