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Shazam (2019)

two of them, yes. the main home theater room and the family room, both also 3D TVs which is great for the kids as we have a lot of 3D kid movies.

rest are various mix of devices running Plex. i prefer Plex to Emby though the latter has better audio support.

DeUHD Updated Movie List 20190701

Cold Pursuit
Pet Sematary (2019)
The Scorpion King
The Wolf’s Call
Zero Dark Thirty

wow. MKV does not yet support “Us” ?

trying DeUHD now…

DeUHD does not work either. Reboot and still both programs can’t even detect the disc.

Next to try is playing it in the UHD player. This is strange. Have never had either program completely ignore a disc. No errors, nothing.

Not even a log file. Makes me wonder if the disc is blank :slight_smile:

Anyone have this movie and have you rip’d it?

I don’t have it but it is out there. I’m guessing you got a bad disc. I had a different movie that did similar things. I exchanged it for a new copy. The new copy was fine.

Ripped for me in MakeMKV without issue. Sounds like a bad disc possibly.

I also ripped mine with MakeMKV. As @Balthazar2k4 says, it may be a disc issue.

Well it started fine in the UHD player (didn’t watch it); the only drive that will read it although painfully slow is an official drive (WH16NS60). Will let this go and see if it completes the rip.

None of my “friendly” drives could even read it. Strange.

Update: It completed without error. took awhile.

anyone had/having problems ripping cold pursuit 4k??

No issues here.

DeUHD Updated Movie list 20190708

13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi
Cold Pursuit
First Man
How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World
Mary Queen of Scots
Space Station
The Martian

has anyone had is is anyone having probelms with disc drive/discs not showing up in deuhd/makemkv due to a “software” update or something, mine says this in deuhd:

drive F: No disc in drive.
Drive HL-DT-ST BD-RE BH16NS55 1.01
Vendor Specific Info: N000500SIK9CFCT9261

what does it mean? there a 4k disc in the disc drive but not showing up or being detected :frowning:


Hulk (2003)

Waterworld (1995) is out and supported

Alita: Battle Angel (2019) is supported


Breakthrough (2019)

I take it the new AACS is fully cracked now?

Or they have figured out how to automate the whole process server end.