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Still waiting for Fast & Furious 4, anyone else also sent AACS dump?

I decrypted my Fast & Furious 4 UHD about 7 hours ago using MakeMKV.

I’m now waiting for the key for Fast Five. Sent the dump in a few hours ago.

Does it rip ok? Mine doesn’t seem to be supported

I didn’t have issues with either Fast & Furious or Fast Five. I’m ripping US versions.

No problem at all. Mine are all Australian versions.

New Version of DeUHD

Out today

Nice. I’m eager to try the handful of discs I have from the last 2 weeks that couldn’t rip yet.

Fast & Furious (2009) is out and supported. The collection is now complete :slight_smile:

DeUHD Updated Movie List 20190617

Fast & Furious
Fast Five
How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World
Mary Poppins Returns
The Man Who Killed Hitler and Then the Bigfoot
The Post

So I’m still waiting for my TMNT vs. Batman, one of the early Batman’s, and 2 more Fast and Furious movies to decrypt in DeUHD. Despite the program constantly telling me my discs are now supported.

Have you reached out to Arusoft for support?


The Scorpion King (2002)

Same here - and when I get home I have another small pile to process!

Most of the titles referenced recently in this thread have all rip’d for me so far (haven’t had time to process the queue). I’m using the latest MakeMKV. Have not used DeUHD for a while now though I continue to update it.

Scorpion King just arrived the past couple days - will try to rip it tonight.

Cinderella (2015)
Pet Sematary (2019)

Both are out and supported.

DeUHD Update Movie 20190624

Fast Five
The Scorpion King

I’m re-ripping some of my oldest UHD discs (this time making full backups); my GOG Vol2 is kaput. I suspect this would not even play in the UHD player either - DeUHD and MakeMKV and all four of my various drives fail. Bummer. Same as my copy of The Martian Extended Edition :frowning:

Off to purchase another copy. Been a long time since I have had any UHD disc not work. Guess the QC is better now.

Just complaining…

Yeah, some of those early discs were nasty. I think the manufacturing process has matured significantly as I have only run into one disc in the last year that has given me problems to such an extent that I had to exchange it for a new copy. I’m afraid to see how many of mine might be bad now…

But did you both rip the UHD disc when you got it? I mean are you ripping it now because when you got it it wasn’t supported yet? Just curious, I was afraid that would happen, so that’s why as soon as I get my copy I start ripping it (which 90% of the cases is supported), I rarely use the physical disc anymore, it’s more of my “backup” now in case my NAS hard drives die.

Edit: I just read you’re re-ripping them making full backup now. Well, at least you still have the old MKV rip?

New copy rip’d fine. Original was the Steel book with 3D version as well.

Anyway - back then I was ripping the disc with DeUHD (only option at the time), and then re-muxing the main title to an mkv using mkvtools. Since then I have changed my pipeline:

Rip the full 4K UHD and the BD to a folder so I have a complete backup. I then remux the 1080p to an MKV.

The 4KUHD plays back on all my home sets via JRiver with full menu support (same for 1080p Bluray). When you use the “particles” feature of JRiver with full rips you literally get the best of both worlds - full rip and instant access to the title(s) you want. From there it’s just a matter of tagging.

I have the MKVs for streaming while I travel. 4K would have to be transcoded anyway. It’s a lot of storage to be sure, but storage is cheap and I want complete backups of the discs; from there I can always do what I want in the future, but I want to ensure I have the original.

Since I’ve started doing folder rips, I’ve found that I watch the extras a lot more now. Sure, I could pop the disc into the UHD player, but I don’t. It’s amazing how we’ve become “lazy” :wink:

Are you using HTPCs on all your TVs?