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Submitted a dump for a variation of The Predator (2018) to Mike. Fortunately, DeUHD had me covered. So far of the four movies I received for the week thus far I’m 100% between MakeMKV and DeUHD. That’s more like it :slight_smile:


When you update DeUHD are you uninstalling first?

It’s been a while - I need to update it.


Well, I just built a new machine for myself so it is a fresh install, but since they went to the new optional driver strategy I have not been uninstalling. I just don’t use the driver.


The issue for me is the idiotic entry in “Program and Features” for each individual version installation. I do an uninstall/install when I update. Given the fact that I don’t install the driver I don’t have to reboot. It’s just an annoyance but all those worthless entries are even more annoying.


DeUHD now supports these old discs:

Fireplaces 4K (2016) (DE)
FlexBoxx - powered by Christina Hammer (2016) (DE)
Kaminfeuer (Schmiede / Jagdhütte) 4K (2016) (DE)
Pierre Roshan’s Lesbians (2013) (DE)

This closes the gap and leaves just two titles unsupported by both tools (AFAIK):

Tears of Steel (Demo Disc) (2016)
Grand Canyon (2015) (DE) (different title than IMAX: Grand Canyon Adventure: River at Risk)

I couldn’t determine whether the latter title has been just announced or actually released at some point.

Nearly three years into the format, almost 600 titles have been released on UHD Blu-ray so far and almost all of them are supported by one of the tools now.


DeUHD 20181217 updates

A Beautiful Planet
A Simple Favor
Böhse Onkelz - Böhse für’s Leben
Fireplaces 4k
Mobile Suit Gundam Thunderbolt: Bandit Flower
Pierre Roshans Lesbians
Schindler’s List
The House with a Clock in Its Walls
The Predator (2018)


The updated 2001 release now works in MakeMKV.


Do we know what was the problem with the original release? I have it, but haven’t watched it yet.


Confirmed that the newer December release has an editing fix where 30 minutes into the film there is a fade out (as in the original cut of the movie) instead of a scene hard cut.

Seems they wanted to be sure to keep true to Kubrick’s/DP original content/vision.


I had no issue with 2001 ripping it with MakeMKV almost a month ago, I also didn’t have any fade out, could be a different version though since in Europe it was released on the 20th November.


That’s what @st4evr is saying, there should be a fade out and there isn’t. I am not going to rush out and buy another copy for that though. I’ll just have to live with the hard cut.


DeUHD 20181224 Updates

John Wick: Chapter 2
Journey to the South Pacific
Rambo: First Blood
The Equalizer 2
The Predator (2018)
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre


Has anyone been able to rip Schindler’s List with Makemkv 1.14.2?

Two drives tried so far and makemkv is reporting errors just trying to read the disc:

DEBUG: Code 100941314 at Gn,QlSs)zv!z6u9zh1:121263958
DEBUG: Code 100941314 at Gn,QlSs)zv!z6u9zh1:121261934
Error ‘Scsi error - HARDWARE ERROR:TIMEOUT ON LOGICAL UNIT’ occurred while reading ‘/AACS/Content000.cer’ at offset ‘0’
DEBUG: Code 0 at !6=$^kA810]Mj;:213130283
DEBUG: Code 0 at FcF^D,r,a.ZGY1pC:213138448
DEBUG: Code 100941314 at Gn,QlSs)zv!z6u9zh1:121263958
DEBUG: Code 100941314 at Gn,QlSs)zv!z6u9zh1:121261934
Error ‘Scsi error - HARDWARE ERROR:TIMEOUT ON LOGICAL UNIT’ occurred while reading ‘/AACS/MKB_RO.inf’ at offset ‘0’
DEBUG: Code 0 at 5
DEBUG: Code 2181316098 at 3tu+2QPU[=7Te!Z9e:29396138
DEBUG: Code 2181316098 at 3tu+2QPU[=7Te!Z9e:121264165


No problems here, but I did a full disc backup since it has Dolby Vision.


No issues either. Bad disc?


well this is strange. rebooted the PC, and the disc read just fine. no errors.

have no idea what happened with makemkv and both drives; i restarted it a few times but seems only a reboot could fix it.

in any case, backup completed :slight_smile:


I ripped Shcindler’s List fine since I also did a full backup because of Dolby Vision, but I’ve had that same error from time to time on some titles and reboot PC just worked as it did for you. Maybe we have the same drive


So here’s an interesting one:

I am backing up Leon: The Professional

Makemkv (latest), with any drive has large number of errors. So many I killed the process.

DeUHD with an official UHD drive backed up the disc just fine.

I am very glad we have options that use different approaches to backing up UHD :slight_smile:

Strange… This disc via MakeMKV caused my (non official UHD) drives to make some interesting noises.

Will let Mike know.


The irony in my previous post is that backing up MI:Fallout, MakeMKV no issues.

DeUHD - not supported :):stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Too funny. And why it’s better to have more than one!


Sent a dump of Bad Times at the El Royale to Mike this morning.