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DeUHD 20181119

Rambo 2
Rambo: First Blood
Stranger Things: Season 2
The Equalizer 2
The First Purge


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Does anybody happen to know if the German release of Only the Brave is covered by either DeUHD or MakeMKV. Want that disc bad, since it looks like it’ll never see a US release…


Only the Bravedisc information- From DeUHD

video: Dolby Vision
audio: German, English
subtitle: German


I am 100% sure that at least one key for a DE disc of that movie is supported by either DeUHD and/or MakeMKV.

Regardless, why not buy it and submit the dump to Mike for support if the one you get is not supported? Literally does not cost you anything.


Worked for me on MakeMKV. Not sure how many key variants may be floating around though.


Awesome - thanks fellas. Ordering now.


I ripped it with MakeMKV, German version. Matches DeUHD specs: Dolby Vision, English Dolby Atmos and German DTS-HD MA 5.1.


Just sent Mike a dump for Crazy Rich Asians.


Anyone got Kin? There are 0 reviews from the UHD-BD, would like to hear impresions before purchase, thanks.


not worth the money or the disc its printed on according to a review i have seen


I have it, but haven’t seen it. I picked it up for my teenage son as he expressed interest. I’ll let you know if I can find some time to check it out today.


To those who celebrate, have a Happy Thanksgiving and safe travels (if you are traveling).


And if you are traveling, please watch Planes, Trains & Automobiles, before going “home” in the last second

Sorry coulden resist


Fingers crossed MI: Fallout gets supported soon. Sent in a dump. Was hoping to be able to rip it for tonight or the next (figured other dumps may have made it in earlier) but that might not eventuate.

Either way Mike doing God’s work :slight_smile:


Mike’s fast so you have nothing to worry about, I suppose you can expect support for the weekend.
By the way how did you get it so early? Mine arrives on December 5 :confused:


Acording to blu-ray.com it was released in Spain on Nov 21


I know but for some reason stores are not having it until Dec 4. Looked at every big & small store and looks like they’ll have stock on Dec 4.


That info isn’t always accurate. For example, there’s a regular Blu-Ray box set I want that was “released” back in July. In reality, the distributor has held back and won’t release it 'til they get better materials and can add an extra film. It’s a good idea. It’s just one of those things where there’s no new release yet. Dec. 31 is the date mentioned in a blog post but you can’t order it, even from the distributor. So, we have to wait.


Apparently supported by one of the tools:

Kin (2018)