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No luck with both in version 1.14 but I did manage to rip them with 1.12.3, it took way longer than it usually does though.


Seems I must have a bad disc further compounding the problem. Tried creating a protected ISO with DeUHD and it bombed out not quite halfway through with read errors. Guess I’m off to exchange it today.

To add insult to injury it seems my main desktop got hit with Microsoft’s Activation server problem so now my Windows 10 Pro isn’t activated anymore. Can’t see my $%^ing drives anymore!

Update: Replacement disc did the trick.


MakeMKV apparently also supports

Rambo: First Blood (1982) (DE?)
Rambo: First Blood Part II (1985) (DE?)



Mike has an updated version on the way to correct the stalling issues with Incredibles 2 and Wreck-It Ralph…


Yup, my Incredibles 2 ripped without issue on 12.3.


I ripped The Incredibles 2 without issue on 1.14.1, though as is often the case with movies composed of several m2ts file, makemkv has to drop frames every so often to account for audio sync issues.

Have to say it’s been a long while since I’ve had a dud disc. Tempted to go back and try GoG2 or the Martain Extended version with latest makemkv and see if it makes any difference.

I like that makemkv downloads the latest hash key file now. Know this was a bit of a debate, but finding it very convenient.


Incredibles 2 was my first dud in nearly a year. Fortunately, it was easy to swap out and not one of the harder to find titles at launch.

Mike says he rewrote the engine in MakeMKV so maybe it might work with some of your troubled discs. Always worth a shot.

I like the auto-download function for keys as well, but I do wish some kind of notification were provided when your discs are supported (a la DeUHD). After I submit dumps it is a guessing game when the support has been added.


That’s why I still like the manual hashed key, so you can download the txt file and check if a certain title is supported in 10 seconds instead of guessing. Although there are different versions, at least you check about 4-5 times max, the other way round you can try as many as you want if the title is not supported it will not work and you’ll have to keep checking.


What’s the issue with Incredibles 2 then if you ripped it?
Something not right in the mkv save function?


For seamless branching titles like Incredibles 2 & Wreck-It Ralph, I backup the whole disc and then use MkvToolNix to mux it to an MKV. I’m sure the new version of MakeMKV works great too (I haven’t tested it), this is just another option. Disney likes their seamless branching…


why do you do that?


Apparently supported by one of the tools (probably MakeMKV) now:

Cliffhanger (1998) (DE?)
The Meg (2018)


Well, I have been using eac3to to extract and sometimes convert the audio if there’s an ac3 track less than 640k, in addition to keeping the Atmos track. I saw some issues with seamless branching in UHD discs with eac3to. Appears to work fine with blu-ray though. I’m sure those using MakeMKV directly on the disc are just fine.


Has anyone ripped Hotel Transylvania 3 UHD? There’s 4 playlists and I’m struggling to figure out which one is the “right” one. They seem to differ in the intro and credits, but I’m not seeing much difference.


Normaly when it comes to animated movies there is a playlist for each language, so intro, signs and such stuff and end credits corespons to the chosen language


Is it the same UPC I have listed (which is the UE version)?


Sent Mike a dump for The Meg. It is already supported by DeUHD. Still waiting on the Rambo films to arrive.

UPDATE: Rambo films arrived. Only had to submit Rambo II to Mike.


DEUHD Released: 11/12/2018

  • Support some new discs, check the details from http://deuhd.ru/4k_uhd_info.html
  • Added support for different versions of some titles already on the list.
  • Fixed crash issue.

Supported Discs:

The Dark Tower (2017)
The First Purge
Sicario: Day of the Soldado
Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation
Justice League Dark
The Matrix Revolutions
Prince of Darkness
Air Force One
Incredibles 2
Law Abiding Citizen
Sherlock: Season One
Stranger Things: Season 2
Superman: The Movie
Wreck-It Ralph
Rambo 2
Rambo 3
The Meg


One of the programs also now supports The Equalizer 2


Rambo II is now supported by MakeMKV.