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A pirated version of Ocean’s 8 UHD Bluray is on the net. I wonder how this was deprotected. Is this title supported by DeUHD yet?


Retested my version of Ocean’s 8:

  • DeUHD not supported
  • AnyDVD not supported
  • MakeMKV Supported (it did the "Downloading latest HK) !!


weird, I just searched Ocean’s 8 in the latest hashed keys but no results. I don’t own it yet (and maybe I won’t) but it’s very strange unless MakeMKV is downloading the keys from Mike directly and the manual keys get updated later today.


MakeMKV will contact the server for discs not in the hashed keys file and download them if the disc is supported


Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom is probably supported by MakeMKV or DeUHD now.


I don’t know what you guys think, maybe it’s just me but I prefer the older MakeMKV method. Of course, auto-download/update the keys is a welcome, it’s just that now we don’t know which tittles are supported. I still would like Mike to update the keys both on the server and on the Manual Hashed Keys, just to see what is supported and what not, September & October are going to be a big purchase month for me, I just see it very inconvenient to try each new tittle just to see if it’s supported and not knowing when it’s supported, it feels a step backwards.


Ultimately it’s not what we think or would like, it’s what Mike has planned for his software. I like both methods. The “old” method for the very reason(s) you state. I do agree with you on that. The new method due to it’s slightly more speedy and automated support.

From Mike’s discussions in his forum it sounds like this is the direction he is heading in. He has NOT officially said that support for the “old” method has been completely discontinued and looks like he may still support that file method until he advises otherwise, but ultimately I think he is just trying to protect his work from the likes of AnyDVD. So, only he knows how long that will last.

I assume we all know what happened months ago between him and how AnyDVD is utterly dependent on Mike’s work on these keys for their own UHD BD support. I for one certainly can understand where he is coming from in regards to this.

Disclaimer: I definitively do no want to start an AnyDVD vs MakeMKV topic/discussion again by saying that as it may still be a sore point for some here (Maybe? Maybe not?) and that horse has been beaten past death by now IMO, but just re-stating a significant reason for this change and one that Mike himself had spoken about months ago and which obviously he is starting to head in.

I guess we’re just in it for the ride now. :grinning: Ultimately I am a happy camper as long as I/we get the support needed to backup our media.


I can sort of understand that statement, but updating the manual hashed keys could take about…maybe seconds, it’s just some KB file and the content in it is already on the server itself.
I don’t think it’s going to work because most of us still have AnyDVD and the idea is not that they compete, rather than help themselves, I don’t think that will do any harm, but if they indeed start to compete like this it will only spill out to us the customers.

I found some articles that claimed Ocean’s 8 & JW 2 UHD’s have been pirated (they just talk the fact that they’ve appeared in the net). So as I like to know what gets supported and what not before wasting minutes or even hours trying each disc from time to time like a lottery, I found a website that only states when a UHD disc has been pirated release, not download or anything like that, just talks about what has been leaked; That way I will know when the title gets supported. Some may not like it just because the word “piracy” is in it, or maybe even this post gets taken down, but I don’t think there’s anything morally wrong with it, now thanks to the site I know that Ocean’s 8 & JW 2 are supported instead of trying the “lotery” when my order of JW 2 arrives.

I can’t se Mike’s method working because if there have been pirate releases, it means that people can still extract the keys from the server so at the end of the day the result is the same, keys can bee indeed seen…so as I said earlier before, it just spills on us, I feel a bit confused that I have to search for legaly supported tittles on a website that talks about ilegal sharing releases :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I believe your assertions are correct @st4evr. Mike has said as much regarding his desire to protect his work and I do think the ‘automated’ key download approach helps him get there. While it does create some confusion over what is or is not supported at a glance I am willing to live with it. I can only hope Mike goes to a more automated upload approach as well and then it will complete the loop.

Frankly, turn around time for unsupported discs is fast enough for me that I am not overly concerned whether a disc is supported day one. It really is a matter of ‘when, not if’ anymore. Even if Mike hasn’t gotten AACS 2.1 support live yet, DeUHD fills that gap.


You still won’t know what region the disc is from. Even though I assume most are North American.
But then again, the hashed keys list doesn’t state the region either.


Well, the pirates have the same exact access to the applications you and I use for ripping (DeUHD, MakeMKV, etc). They in turn can buy and use these apps as they please as well. If any one “pirate” has access to an original disc of a movie, NOTHING is stopping that pirate from submitting the dump to Mike and within a few hours MakeMKV supporting it. Then they can do as they please with that media. It does not mean they have some special application or tool that allows them to view keys which you can’t. They simply have access to the media before any of us do and then just use MakeMKV (or whichever of the apps supports the disc first) to rip the disc.

The only difference is that you and they have a different purpose/use in mind for the media.

Ultimately, we’ll just have to adapt to whatever Mike decides to do with his application regardless of how we feel about it. After all he owns it, it is a business for him (source of revenue/income), and he is competing against AnyDVD IMO. This move and what he’s said in the past kinda points in that direction to me.


Pretty much feel the same way @Balthazar2k4. :grinning:


Ah true, I didn’t give a thought about the disc region, but well, it’s a start, most of them so far match my region.
About the pirates, yes they’re using the same tools as us, but it would be interesting to see if Ocean’s 8 and JW 2 are supported by AnyDVD, that would prove if Mike’s new method is working. Anyone who has both can try it, I will try JW2 when I get my copy next week.


New keys (https://www.makemkv.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=16959) supporting:

  • Christine (1983)
  • Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom (2018)
  • Ocean’s 8 (2018)
  • Robin Hood (2010)

Christine is released by Sony, seems to have no AACS 2.1


more credibility to the argument AACS 2.1 was testing the waters. and ineffective. if it does cost more to produce titles with it then i can see why sony may have stopped using it.

wonder too if it caused any compatibility issues, particularly with first gen UHD players


More new titles:

  • Deadpool 2 (2018) °°
  • The Expendables 2 (2012) °
  • Hereditary (2018) °
  • Interstellar (2014) °
  • Mission: Impossible III (2006) °
  • Sully (2016) °
  • The Martian (2015) °
  • The Matrix (1999) °

° means it is another edition


No complaints here. I’ll be just fine if I never see it again.


DeUHD This Monday, we updated 16 discs for support.

Bad Boys (1995)
Bad Boys II
Deadpool 2
Earth: One Amazing Day
Mamma Mia!
Ocean’s 8
Peter Rabbit



Now that you mention AACS 2.1, I wonder if Mike will give it another shot.


can confirm makemkv downloads the new hashed keys from the server and the MakeMKV Program will show the following when it scans the disc:

MakeMKV v1.12.3 win(x64-release) started
Using direct disc access mode
Downloading latest SDF to C:\Users\Username/.MakeMKV …
DEBUG: Code 03DF
Downloading latest HK to C:\Users\Username/.MakeMKV …

and it stores the new keys in: C:\Users\Username\MakeMKV\ _private_data.tar

the good thing about makemkv downloading new hashed keys when scanning the disc it saves time downloading them manually from the website, simple