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Thanks. Do you have the EAN and SHA1 value for the Unit_Key_RO file?

i suspect the new version supports some back-end server/service changes they have made.

downloading it now…

and off later to purchase West World season 1 :slight_smile:

I’m ripping War for the Planet of the Apes (US) now. I will reply back once it finishes.

I suspect the same. I know others were complaining about decryption looping problems too. It’s been working without issue this morning so something definitely changed.

As for Westworld, I am going to rip it later in the week as I have a backlog of movies to hit right now.

Haven’t tried it yet, but it looks like ccutrer is having some potential success.

I’ve created a new topic on those AACS keys: Blu-ray Volume Unique Keys leaked on the internet

Unfortunately I had to remove the keys, like @Balthazar2k4 I think they could have some serious complications.

confirmed War for the Planet of the Apes ripped in one shot which is good news.

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FYI, MakeMKV Can Now Rip UHD Blurays without DEUHD Running, makemkv can rip uhd blurays alone with no support from deuhd ~:)

I have added a ‘Key Exists’ column in response to the leaked AACS volume keys. These can be used in MakeMKV without DeUHD support.

i just said that lol, do u knw how to extract the aacs keys from other uhd blurays?

Not that I am aware of. Do you?

Is that an inception post @DB_Russell ?

Anyone know what SWATHUHD_NA is? I see it in the list of keys, but can’t think of what it could stand for.

What’s interesting about the volume key leak today is how many don’t overlap with DeUHD. I suspect we will see a LOT of added title support next week. :slight_smile:


@ccutrer, @TheShoe, and @jmone1: Please remove the ‘x’ in the "Key Exists’ column if you find it does not work for your Unit_Key_RO. Assuming, of course, you are testing the leaked keys.

folks hang on a sec here.

you mean these keys can be used in MakeMKV? How?

Also - these are not just things that we scraped from DeUHD?

this is big.

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Yes, it works with MakeMKV now. I just ripped Ghostbusters and am doing The Revenant now.

Check out: Blu-ray Volume Unique Keys leaked on the internet

My Salt also works with makemkv! Awesome!

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What is your SHA1 and I will update the list?

It’s already on the list as unsupported with deuhd