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Yeah, way off topic
Maybe just leave it alone for now or start thread like you said

Back on topic
Soon I’ll be testing Morgan and War for Te Planet of the Apes

can now rip 4k uhd blurays using AnyDVD and Deuhd open at same time

Got one that needs to be added to the spreadsheet.
This one ripped/plays fine, but it’s SHA1 was different than the sheet:

Blade Runner: The Final Cut
Region: US
UPC: 883929594382
SHA1: b828ea0848659d175015​e7a9dc26bae5f296c741

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is this with the new version just posted? it said something about improving network performance. maybe the new version is a hard requirement is the latest

The Dark Tower got added. Nice. Hope my copy works!
Bunch of other newer titles I have no interest in.

6 posts were split to a new topic: Blu-ray Volume Unique Keys leaked on the internet

yeah but westworld is there! as the notes state, they are adding new versions of previously listed titles

stranger things would have been cool had netflix not ruined the 4k uhd version with lossy audio and no hdr.

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So does the notification feature still continue to work 100%?
I’ve never gotten a notification, so I don’t know what to expect.
Does it just have a pop up, pop up as soon as DeUHD is ran? No disc in the drive?
It pulls a local history / log of failed rips and checks it against the server every time it’s opened?

Hello all, list is updated. Looks like they have been busy. Remeber, titles in BLUE are the newly supported titles for the week. I received notification that 5 of my titles are now supported.

I also received an e-mail back from support saying the new version should fix my network issues. I’ll report back as I test.

EDIT: Pleased to report I am back in action. Ripping Apollo 13 now. Looks like I have a lot of work to do…

yes no disc in draw just pops up

This was using I installed this morning and it seems to have fixed my problem. I was also glad to see support respond to my e-mail on the subject. They seem to be on their game this week after the last week’s drunken episode.

That’s great news B.
I should have a few for the sheet this evening.

Australian version of San Andreas is now supported.

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Thanks. Do you have the EAN and SHA1 value for the Unit_Key_RO file?

i suspect the new version supports some back-end server/service changes they have made.

downloading it now…

and off later to purchase West World season 1 :slight_smile:

I’m ripping War for the Planet of the Apes (US) now. I will reply back once it finishes.

I suspect the same. I know others were complaining about decryption looping problems too. It’s been working without issue this morning so something definitely changed.

As for Westworld, I am going to rip it later in the week as I have a backlog of movies to hit right now.

Haven’t tried it yet, but it looks like ccutrer is having some potential success.

I’ve created a new topic on those AACS keys: Blu-ray Volume Unique Keys leaked on the internet

Unfortunately I had to remove the keys, like @Balthazar2k4 I think they could have some serious complications.

confirmed War for the Planet of the Apes ripped in one shot which is good news.

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