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I just got the disc early this morning, ripped it and the bitrate is about 36 Mbps…, yes BD-100 discs are more expensive, but I still think this is unacceptable being the highest grossing movie in history and they’re still going cheap on consumers…they really don’t care…this needed a BD-100 for a 50 Mbps encode at least. They should take lessons from Sony, Warner, Universal & Lionsgate.

In my Kaleidescape, Endgame is a >100GB download. Debating if I might buy it there.

US Version. It was supported next business day as Arusoft promised too.

Does it port out via MoviesAnywhere? That would be important should Kaleidescape fail. If so, I would be more comfortable making the purchase, but >100GB… ouch… that’s a BIG download. Hope you don’t have data caps.

No MA on K yet. I’m crossing fingers for a hopefully announcement come CEDIA in a few weeks.

My internet is 1 Gbps with no caps. I use a lot of data. :smile:

Brightburn (2019) is released and supported.

hey guys what 4k uhd frendly bluray drive still works for ripping??


Godzilla: King of the Monsters (2019)
Rocketman (2019)

The Secret Life of Pets 2 (2019) is supported

Men In Black International (2019) is released and supported.

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Apocalypse Now (1979) is released and supported.

Rambo (2008) is supported

Updated the first post to reflect Stand By Me as an AACS 2.1 title

Stand By Me (1986) is released and supported.

Stand By Me is AACS 2.1? That’s the 3rd title now IIRC…

Post above this one says it’s “supported”. Is that DeUHD or MakeMKV?

Guess I’ll try that one next since I have it. Somewhere in a pile of “to be rip’d”.

My Doors UK rip’d fine - late follow-up to an earlier post. Damn job keeps getting in the way of my hobbies. There’s irony - the job funds the hobby but takes up so much time a to make the hobby often impossible to enjoy.


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Thanks - saw over in the DeUHD thread they posted it’s supported.

So nice to have options! Wonder what decisions go into the titles considering it’s been only three titles. Seriously - in some conference room there are people sitting around deciding these things. Why? Who said “Make it AACS 2.1 because…”

I have a feeling we are about to see a lot more from Sony. I think they tested the waters last year and have ironed out the process. Of course the irony here is that DeUHD offered support almost immediately for Stand By Me.

I am going to also guess that if more titles hit the streets Mike will complete MakeMKV support as well. Of course, Mike did say there is some kind of watermarking that happens in 2.1 that he was working to circumvent and that DeUHD may not be so that could also be a reason for the push. Fact is, it was most likely always coming… just a matter of when.

over at the makemkv forum mike seems to hint he will add the support in a new version.

he also indicated that aacs 2.1 titles would be released in pairs, related to how the discs are produced and the expense to do so. so by that logic sony should have at least another title using it soon. perhaps zombieland?

John Wick 3 Parabellum (2019) is released and out 10 days before street date. Woohoo finally!