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cant wait to watch deadpool 2 in 4k when the hashed keys are released :slight_smile:


Watched it last on the AppleTV 4K. Looked pretty good. I’ll re-watch the disc for the better sound.


If it’s anything like Iron Man from Concorde, I’ll pass. I’d like to see someone else test it. Please post something here so I can follow up. :slight_smile:


I’ll let you know how it looks/sounds when it arrives (could be weeks yet with shipping, but it is one the way).


Starting to concern me a bit that Mike hasn’t uploaded new keys. Maybe he is on vacation…


Has anyone got Star Trek Beyond and could check if your version has the following MPLS Structure? In particular if there is a 00099.mpls? When playing this disc, libbluray (used by MediaCenter) fails to play as it is looking for 00099.mpls. The “fix” is to simply copy just about any of the other playlists (I used 00002.mpls) to 00099.mpls and it then plays fine including the menu. I’m guessing it is a bug in libbluray not picking the correct opening mpls but…


Same here, also concerned. I’m going on vacation on tuesday so hopping mike gets the keys updated and I can rip Transporter 3 before I go. I already have pending Marrowbone & the 3 Avengers for when I come back, ripping is surely accumulating :sweat_smile:


New keys: http://makemkv.com/forum2/viewtopic.php?f=12&t=16959


transporter 3 & deadpool 2 supported :slight_smile:


Other versions of
-Jason Bourne
-Ready Player One
-Predator Collection (Suppose it’s the US version Balthazar was talking about)


-Deadpool 2
-Transporter 3
(Surprised Deadpool 2 is supported so early)


so glad transporter 3 and deadpool 2 are :slight_smile:


Yep, I’m going to try Transporter 3 later. Too bad Deadpool 2 is released on the 21st, that wait is going to kill me.

Edit: T3 Works, ripping now


…and 40min later (I timed it), my disc was then supported in AnyDVD as well…


Not even a year after the first disc could be backed up, we now have 1,270 odd discs supported (of which there are about 500 titles).

Some other random stats, from my UHD collection (129 to date);

  • 20% are DTS-HD
  • 16% are DTS-HD + DTS:X
  • 5% are TrueHD
  • 59% are TrueHD + Atmos


folks we need to relax. mike is same as any of us. he has a life and so do we.

awesome he has figured this out and awesome deuhd crew has too via a different vector.

ultimately uhd drm is compromised. and that is a good thing.

i just rip’d fury using deuhd. cool.


Also supported by new keys:

The Death of Superman


looks like mike at makemkv.com has changed his website background to Green :smile: , also who on this forum send mike there files for deadpool 2 4k?


Yeah, I don’t like it, prefer the old one, but that’s just my opinion. I didn’t send the dump. I’m getting it on 20-21.




u can now change it to a colour of your choosing lol