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The way I read the info posted by Mike a few weeks back, is that the watermark does not exist within the stream, but is inserted by the player during the process of decryption.

In AACS 2.x the “decryption” process (by a player) is rather different from AACS 1.0 - compliant device not only decrypts the content but also actively meddles with it. Forensic mark is always inserted into video stream at the decryption layer. This mark contains player model and serial number along with environmental details. This information is preserved in video stream and survives screen / HDMI capture.

Since this happens on every playback, there’s no reason for the player to call home to report this into (you’d just get a million players calling home every day to report someone watched a disc). The true benefit is from being able to track those who capture and share the vids on torrent sites using the details contained within this mark. Whether or not this will have a meaningful impact on piracy remains to be seen, but it’s not hard to see how it may at least give a few people pause.


I have no reason to discount what Mike is saying, but I do have to wonder then what good it would truly do from AACS-LAs perspective. At this point, who is doing vid capture? Or better yet, why? Obtaining keys and creating 1:1 rips is now possible and easier than ever before. If that was truly AACS-LAs intent then it seems decidedly short sighted.


Could be one of two things…

  1. 2.1 was pitched as a hardened implementation, and one that it would not be cracked…or at least not cracked for awhile.

  2. This is just an initial implementation. Something new players will need to support, but with no real value right now. However, once 2.2, 2.3, 3.0, etc… come along (which are harder to crack), captures may be the only option. It may also ensure player manufactures are held accountable to enforce strict(er) HDCP, or risk some sort of penalty.


I have done multiple fresh OS reinstalls and never reinstalled deUHD since I haven’t needed it. I’d prefer to not reinstall it, but I’m wondering if mike will be able to get past this hurdle any time soon.
Anybody have any guesses on his progress?


Depends on how you define soon. Let’s just say he is diligently working on it :wink:


Ah, I love the sound of that.


I also love how that sounds.
I kind of suspected that given the frequency we used to get keys before ( every 1-2 days) to now that lately it has been new keys every 4 days or so, not complaining though, I kind of feel bad for Mike now that he has to crack AACS 2.1 and support new 2.0 titles, but I guess being the head of MakeMKV is not easy.


New Hashed Keys: 14/6/18


i think the reason we aren’t getting as many keys is because he has cracked mostly everything that is out. and now we are just getting new releases as the discs leak or become available in different countries.


Mission Impossible 1 - 5 4k UHD Blurays coming soon… Hopefully, as someone already has the discs, its only a matter of time before they send there files to mike/arusoft :slight_smile:


Providing they are not AACS 2.1. Arusoft is slow!


lets hope not, still no keys for Pacific rim 2 4k yet


Here in North America it doesn’t release until next week. Is it some kind of a race to be first?


The Patriot

is likely to be supported by DeUHD coming Monday.


That’s my guess as well.


Probbely already is, pirated version released by Terminal


Doesn’t work for me yet, but I imagine very soon it will.


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DeUHD provide private fixes to pirates then? Classy.


Have no idea, maybe Terminal have other ways to deal with the AACS, they where among the first to release pirated 1:1 UHD on the net, even before DeUHD came along