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I can confirm Red Sparrow is 2.0 as it also arrived today. I have The Matrix, The Patriot, and Jurassic Park Collection arriving tomorrow. Fingers crossed only Sony has made the jump.

I have submitted the dump for Red Sparrow to both Mike and Arusoft.


Sad news…I have them all comming on thursday-friday. On the good side, if only Sony has done this then that would meant only Fury, The Patriot and upcomming The Equalizer will have this for now, also I wouldn’t worry too much, I remember on 2014 when Fox just kept jumping to newer AACS MKB Versions and the first month or two I remember X-Men Days of Future Past and another of my titles couldn’t be ripped with MakeMKV or AnyDVDHD, but nearly 1 month later then everything back to normal.

I would say we have a VERY similar situation here so I wouldn’t worry too much, I’m sure in less than a month Mike will have the keys!


I’ll be interested to know the outcome on your end but I expect it to be the same as mine.

I’m running Windows 10 1803 at this point. It failed to run after installing and then I wondered if it was Secure Boot causing issues so I disabled and restarted and it runs. Turn it back on and it fails.


Yep, my boot mode was not secure. I think when I last upgraded the BIOS to my motherboard I must have forgot to re-enable it. I guess I will leave it off for now. Hopefully Arusoft can sort out the issue.


New keys: http://makemkv.com/forum2/viewtopic.php?f=12&t=16959

Red Sparrow
The Matrix
Jurassic Park Collection


Looks like the Patriot is also AACS 2.1 like you said. Is this even legal? I mean do players and drive support AACS 2.1? If it’s just a little modification in the encryption firmware then we should be fine, it will just take a bit more to support/crack by Mike. I would be curious on what he has to say about this.


Mine comes today along with a few others. Guess I won’t be ripping those two titles for a bit (hopefully). I can tell you Mike is on the case. I am waiting for some feedback from him as to how difficult this will be to surmount.


Digging on the net I found all DeUHD, MakeMKV and RedFox are aware and working on it so it’s just a matter of time I wouldn’t be surprised if they have support next week already, I’m very positive about this.


Yeah, I’ve been spreading the word. I have directly provided files to all three in order to assist. I am hopieful it is nothing more than a speed bump.


Looks like my Jurassic Park doesn’t match what is already available. I submitted dumps to Mike. Unfortunately, my copy of The Matrix doesn’t arrive until tomorrow. Thanks UPS.


Jurassic Park 4K Set and The Patriot 4K came today but I couldn’t even get a dump file. I guess it’s AACS 2.1 hoping for that speed bump as mentioned!


You should only have issues with The Patriot. Jurassic Park is not affected.


I retried them. This time I got a dump file, which I sent out for the 4 disc, I noticed that the volume label was different than that in the keys_hashed file. The Patriot is AACS 2.1 for sure according to Make MKV which it also crashed all attempts.


@trolldaddy19 but did you manage to send a dump for The Patriot?

My Jurassic Park collection arrived unexpectedly 2 hours ago. I haven’t tried ripping them yet, I will confirm if I can rip the first one. I just watched a little bit of all and I’m very dissapointed with the CGI or whatever dinosaurs in the first 2 movies. The 3rd one looks decent and JW looks stunning!
Universal usually lets me down with their video treatment.
Edit: They all rip fine (European version) JW DTS-X track is only 3 Mbps…I thought it was an incomplete ripp or error but it appears it’s what’s on the disc.


Looks like I struck out on my copy of The Matrix today. Dump submitted to Mike.


Sorry missed your question. A dump file was not sent not sent for The Patriot because it is AACS 2.1 and MakeMKV crashed every time I tried, so no dump file was created.


New Keys: http://makemkv.com/forum2/viewtopic.php?f=12&t=16959

Added: Variations of The Matrix and Jurassic Park Collection


Yippie, going to try it now, wish me luck!


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