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Great news indeed. I am honestly surprised they updated the driver, but i am glad to be wrong about this one. Installed this morning and it works fine.


Latest version “installed OK” after removing all earlier versions, but it removed the signed driver for my LG drive; fortunately, I reverted to a SSD backup from last week that has Win 1709 from March. This is obviously still a work in precess…I suspect it’ll eventually get resolved.


DeUHD still won’t work if Secure Boot is enabled. So, their fix is a partial fix and their changelog is not specific enough, IMO. In order to get it to work you must disable Secure Boot which is a non-starter for me.

PS: I tested and confirmed.


So my copy of Fury showed up early. It has AACS 2.1 on it. Can’t even get a dump.


Whoa! WTH??
What an interesting and unfortunate turn this saga has taken!
Does this mean our drives are paperweights?


Well, neither my NS40 or NS60 will create a dump. Just crashes MakeMKV. I have reached out to Mike with the news. Doesn’t look good…

DeUHD did upload information for the disc. Will be very curious to see if Arusoft can crack it. Could suddenly make them VERY relevant again.


Hmmm, strange. I thought I had secure boot enabled on my machine… guess I need to go check.


I was going to say the same about Arusoft.
The race begins…
We may not get so lucky on the hardware side.
This sucks as Fury was the first 4K UHD movie I watched period. Streamed from SONYs service.
Been waiting a LONG time for the disc.
Hopefully The Matrix is 2.0


I can confirm Red Sparrow is 2.0 as it also arrived today. I have The Matrix, The Patriot, and Jurassic Park Collection arriving tomorrow. Fingers crossed only Sony has made the jump.

I have submitted the dump for Red Sparrow to both Mike and Arusoft.


Sad news…I have them all comming on thursday-friday. On the good side, if only Sony has done this then that would meant only Fury, The Patriot and upcomming The Equalizer will have this for now, also I wouldn’t worry too much, I remember on 2014 when Fox just kept jumping to newer AACS MKB Versions and the first month or two I remember X-Men Days of Future Past and another of my titles couldn’t be ripped with MakeMKV or AnyDVDHD, but nearly 1 month later then everything back to normal.

I would say we have a VERY similar situation here so I wouldn’t worry too much, I’m sure in less than a month Mike will have the keys!


I’ll be interested to know the outcome on your end but I expect it to be the same as mine.

I’m running Windows 10 1803 at this point. It failed to run after installing and then I wondered if it was Secure Boot causing issues so I disabled and restarted and it runs. Turn it back on and it fails.


Yep, my boot mode was not secure. I think when I last upgraded the BIOS to my motherboard I must have forgot to re-enable it. I guess I will leave it off for now. Hopefully Arusoft can sort out the issue.


New keys: http://makemkv.com/forum2/viewtopic.php?f=12&t=16959

Red Sparrow
The Matrix
Jurassic Park Collection


Looks like the Patriot is also AACS 2.1 like you said. Is this even legal? I mean do players and drive support AACS 2.1? If it’s just a little modification in the encryption firmware then we should be fine, it will just take a bit more to support/crack by Mike. I would be curious on what he has to say about this.


Mine comes today along with a few others. Guess I won’t be ripping those two titles for a bit (hopefully). I can tell you Mike is on the case. I am waiting for some feedback from him as to how difficult this will be to surmount.


Digging on the net I found all DeUHD, MakeMKV and RedFox are aware and working on it so it’s just a matter of time I wouldn’t be surprised if they have support next week already, I’m very positive about this.


Yeah, I’ve been spreading the word. I have directly provided files to all three in order to assist. I am hopieful it is nothing more than a speed bump.


Looks like my Jurassic Park doesn’t match what is already available. I submitted dumps to Mike. Unfortunately, my copy of The Matrix doesn’t arrive until tomorrow. Thanks UPS.


Jurassic Park 4K Set and The Patriot 4K came today but I couldn’t even get a dump file. I guess it’s AACS 2.1 hoping for that speed bump as mentioned!


You should only have issues with The Patriot. Jurassic Park is not affected.