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Yeah - “dummy_f.dat” is all blank.

Dug around on the DFEX folder that appears on some discs. Looks like it is a “Digitial” copy scheme called Vividy by a mob called “Secure Content Storage Association (SCSA) LLC” owned by Warner Bros, 20th Century Fox, Western Digital & SanDisk. The *.scav is the video, *.scaa is the audio(s), and *.ocmp is a Pic. Interestingly the companies website is down - www.vidity.com/ . It is worthless to us.

arusoft informed me they will be offering an upgrade to pro for us “standard” lifetime customers

will wait to see of it is better than 100 euro.

no firm date when however

So no early adopter Pro grandfathering in other words…

correct - based on their own post here in another thread.

Thinking of grabbing a 3rd WH16NS40 from Amazon.
It’d be a gamble at this point - think I’d get a 1.02?

I think you would be fine still. Anyway, you can downflash it if needed (I think) - have a read of this DosFlash V2.0 patched to support BH16NS40/BH16NS55 drives

I picked up a WH14NS40 (by accident) and it is FASTER in every ripping activity I have tested it with versus the WH16 model. Strange, but true. It will be cheaper and easier to find most likely.

So I actually have a WH14NS40, and yes, it blows away both the WH16NS40 and WH16NS60 in ripping regular BDs. I don’t think mine reads UHDs though. I bought it in 2013. Wonder if I could flash it to read UHDs or is it the wrong hardware version perhaps?

Wrong HW version. It needs the NS50 SVC code on the label, which I don’t believe came along until 2015 or so.

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One thing that I’ve read in the topic but haven’t seen explained clearly is the difference in ripping ‘quality’ between DeUHD’s online decryption method and the VUK key method.

IIRC it was @Balthazar2k4 who posted about it but wasn’t sure what was meant. Were the hashes different, or errors in the output from time to time?

Basically looking for some clarifications. Thanks.

Oh, also wondering if the SHA1 hash of the AACS\Unit_Key_RO.inf is the only hash needed to add an entry to the list, as I ripped and decrypted a disc in the list from region not yet represented and wanted to ask to have it added.

UPC: 043396496941
Region: US
SHA1: a341ba33b22d524b1dd21258408cc9c14e4ef63f

I was surprised when a pop-up told me my copy still isn’t supported. I guess there’s a second version floating around somewhere that is supported?

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Exactly the same version is in Germany. We´re waiting for ARUSOFT to add support.


Kong: Skull Island
Is now supported by DEUHD

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Please re-try Dunkrik if you have this disc. Different versions are supported now.

Check it soon, currently Kong is in the drive.



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Waiting for my drive to be delivered but in the mean time can anyone send Arusoft the hashes for Blue Planet II so they can get working on it?

when will American Made be supported?

Thanks Arusoft, any ETA for the different versions of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 ?

Credit where credit is due it was @jmone1 who alerted me to the hash inconsistency during rips. I think most of that was due to the lack of error correcting DeUHD was doing at the time with the drive. Since Arusoft enabled error correction I have not had any issues.

Yes, my WH14NS40 I recently picked up was an SVC NS50 model with 1.02 FW and read UHD fine.

Ah, so there are no inconsistencies with the DeUHD output now? Good to know.

Would like to submit this as a title decrypted using the available, leaked VUK key:

Blade Runner: The Final Cut
UPC: 9398700037770
Region: AU
SHA1: b828ea0848659d175015e7a9dc26bae5f296c741
VUK: Yes

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