Titles / Credits Roxio Creator

Hi all,
A complete newbie and 1st post to the site.
I’ve just got Roxio Creator 2009 and have learnt the basics of going in and trimming etc, I wanted to put titles before the clip as an intro and credits after it at the end and for the life of me can’t figure how to do it.

I have managed to find how to put text over the actual clip whilst it’s playing using add text but that’s not really what I wanted.

I’ve also found that once I’ve created the movie I go then export and import into Windows movie maker to do it but it’s going to create me a lot of extra work as I’ll be doing a large number of short clips so if possible would like to be able to do it in the one application.
Any help much appreciated and many thanks in advance !!!

Anybody know if it is a function within Roxio or if it can’t be done any help much appreciated !!!

Just a quick note to say a huge thank you to all the people that have contributed and all the useful comments.
I must admit they’ve been a really huge help and I’ll rush to recommend this site to as many people as I can !!!
Once again a huge thank you to all of you !!!