Titles available in 4K but not yet on UHD Blu-Ray


Thought I’d start a topic to discuss films/releases available currently in ‘4K’ but not yet available as Ultra HD Blu-Ray.

Two in particular that I’m hoping to see UHD BD releases of are:

  • Lawrence of Arabia.
    Available in 4K on iTunes, Amazon, and higher fidelity on the Kaleidescape store (113GB, HDR-less).

    According to this user titles released in Ultra HD on the Kaleidescape platform are ‘identical [in] video quality’ to their Blu-Ray UHD counterparts, which has lead some to wonder if in the case of this film whether the studio is figuring out what type of high capacity disc to use for the disc release (apart from HDR considerations).

  • Taxi Driver.
    Available on iTunes and the Kaleidescape store (HDR-less).

    The regular Blu-Ray release has caused some confusion in the past since it carries the ‘Mastered in 4K’ label yet is merely a standard Blu-Ray.

What are some others you wish to see finally released?

Update: added a longer list of titles available from various sources in this post below.


Great idea @Pans. Here is a list of everything available on iTunes in 4K. I have left the titles that exist on both UHD-BD and iTunes as many of those titles are in Dolby Vision on iTunes and HDR10 on disc.

I can’t take credit for the list. I grabbed it from blu-ray.com where @dunnbluray manages it.

It’s pretty comprehensive, but crowd sourced so it could be missing some titles.



Great find, have updated the OP :+1:

I’ve cross-referenced the list with those released on UHD and found 323 that have already been released on Blu-Ray, as well as adding some further changes which I can post.

To keep the main focus of the topic would it be possible to retain the link in your post but edit out the list, for those that may still be interested in titles that have Dolby Vision on iTunes but not on the BD release? That way I can maintain a list in a separate post for just titles as-yet unreleased on Blu-Ray.


No worries. I can delete the list and leave the link. I only posted it as my list was in alphabetical order.


Below is a combined filtered list of Ultra HD titles from Amazon*, iTunes, Kaleidescape that have yet to be released on UHD Blu-Ray, checked against this semi-complete list of UHD Blu-Ray releases in addition to titles manually checked.

If anyone notices a title that has been released on UHD Blu-Ray do let me know. Will attempt to periodically check against the lists for changes.

* For the moment I’ve excluded certain titles from that Amazon list as it’s either unclear whether they’ll receive disc-based releases or they’re a TV series (just to keep it consistent with the other lists I’m using for reference). These include Amazon Original films and films without even a Blu-Ray release. Feel free to discuss.


  • Alphebetically ordered titles beginning with ‘A’/‘The’
  • HDR type indicated using superscript
  • Suffixed all James Bond titles with ‘[James Bond]’
  • Typo correction: A View To Kill -> A View to a Kill
  • Removed duplicate: Broken Star
  • Typo correction: Intern -> The Intern
  • Typo correction: Nice Guys -> The Nice Guys
  • Typo correction: Waterfront -> On the Waterfront
  • Removed duplicate: Laser [sic] Team 2


  • Dolby Vision = Dolby Vision HDR
  • HDR10 = HDR10 HDR
  • HDR = Unspecified type of HDR
  • A = Available on Amazon
  • A* = Available on Amazon with HDR (otherwise all listed are non-HDR)
  • A^ = Available on Amazon Prime only
  • I = Available on iTunes
  • K = Available on Kaleidescape

12 Strong [Dolby Vision] [I] [K]
14 Cameras [I]
The 15:17 To Paris [Dolby Vision] [I] [K]
1776 [A] [I] [K]
2:22 [Dolby Vision] [I] [K]
2012 [Dolby Vision] [A] [I] [K]
21 Jump Street [Dolby Vision] [A] [I] [K]
22 Jump Street [Dolby Vision] [I] [K]
7 Days In Entebbe [I] [K]
About Last Night (2014) [A] [I] [K]
After Earth [HDR] [A] [K]
Alamo Bay [A]
All The Money In The World [Dolby Vision] [A*] [I] [K]
Aloha [A] [K]
Alvin And The Chipmunks: The Road Chip [HDR10] [I] [K]
American Hustle [A] [I] [K]
American Pastoral [Dolby Vision] [I]
American Sniper [Dolby Vision] [I] [K]
Angry Birds [Dolby Vision] [I]
Annabelle [Dolby Vision] [I] [K]
Annabelle: Creation [Dolby Vision] [I] [K]
Annie (2014) [Dolby Vision] [A] [I] [K]
Bad Boys [Dolby Vision] [A] [I] [K]
Bad Boys II [Dolby Vision] [A] [I] [K]
A Bad Mom’s Christmas [A] [I]
Bad Roomies [A] [I]
Bad Teacher [A] [K]
Batman Ninja [Dolby Vision] [I]
Battle Of The Sexes (2017) [I]
Battle: Los Angeles [A] [I] [K]
Ben-Hur (2016) [I]
Beyond Skyline [I]
Big [I]
The Big Chill [K]
Birth Of A Nation (2016) [HDR10] [I]
Black Mass [Dolby Vision] [I] [K]
The Black Room [I]
Body Double [A] [K]
Book Club [Dolby Vision] [I] [K]
Breaking In [HDR10] [I] [K]
Broken Star [I]
Brooklyn [HDR10] [I] [K]
Brotherhood Of Blades 2: The Infernal Battlefield [Dolby Vision] [I]
The Brothers Grimsby [Dolby Vision] [A] [I] [K]
Butch Cassidy And The Sundance Kid [I]
Captain Phillips [A] [I] [K]
Casino Royale [James Bond] [I]
Chappaquiddick [Dolby Vision] [I] [K]
CHIPS [Dolby Vision] [I] [K]
Class Rank [A] [I]
Collateral Beauty [Dolby Vision] [I] [K]
Cowboy [A] [K]
The Conjuring [Dolby Vision] [I] [K]
The Day The Earth Stood Still (1951) [I]
The Death Of Superman [Dolby Vision] [I]
Deliver Us From Evil (2014) [A] [I] [K]
Diamonds Are Forever [James Bond] [I]
Die Another Day [James Bond] [I]
Digging For Fire [A] [I]
The Disaster Artist [Dolby Vision] [A] [I]
District 9 [Dolby Vision] [I] [K]
Dr. No [James Bond] [I]
The Dressmaker [I]
Edward Scissorhands [I]
Elysium [A] [I] [K]
Entourage [I]
Entourage: The Movie [HDR] [K]
The Escort [A] [I]
Espionage Tonight [I]
Evil Dead (2013) [I] [K]
The Fault In Our Stars [I]
Fences [Dolby Vision] [I] [K]
The Florida Project [A] [I]
Focus (2015) [I] [K]
For Your Eyes Only [James Bond] [I]
Funny Girl [A^] [K]
Future ‘38 [I]
Gallows [Dolby Vision] [I] [K]
Game Night [Dolby Vision] [I] [K]
Get Hard [Dolby Vision] [I] [K]
Ghost Team [I]
Ghost Team (Unrated) [I]
Glory (1989) [A] [I] [K]
Godzilla (1999) [A] [K]
Goldeneye [James Bond] [I]
Goldfinger [James Bond] [I]
Gone Girl [I]
Goodbye Christopher Robin [I]
Goosebumps [A] [I]
Great Gatsby [I]
Grown Ups [A]
Grown Ups 2 [I] [K]
The Guns of Navarone [A] [K]
Hangover [Dolby Vision] [I] [K]
Hangover Part II [Dolby Vision] [I] [K]
Hangover Part III [HDR] [K]
Happy Death Day [HDR10] [I] [K]
Hard Times [A] [K]
Heat (1995) [HDR10] [I]
Hitch [A^] [K]
Hockey Night [I]
The Holiday (2006) [A] [I] [K]
Home Alone [I]
Hot Summer Nights (2018) [I]
Hotel Deluxe [I]
Hotel Transylvania [I] [K]
Hotel Transylvania 2 [A] [I] [K]
The House (2017) [Dolby Vision] [A] [I] [K]
How to be Single [K]
If I Stay [Dolby Vision] [I]
In the Line of Fire [A]
The Intern [Dolby Vision] [I] [K]
Into The Storm [Dolby Vision] [I] [K]
Isle Of Dogs [I] [K]
Jackie [I]
Jeepers Creepers 3 [I]
Jerry Maguire [A^] [I] [K]
Jingle All The Way [I]
Jingle Ballin’ [I]
Julie & Julia [I] [K]
The Karate Kid (2010) [I] [K]
Keanu [Dolby Vision] [I] [K]
Killer Christmas [I]
The Last Detail [A] [K]
Lazer Team 2 [I]
Lean On Pete [I]
The Leisure Seeker [Dolby Vision] [I]
Lawrence Of Arabia (Restored Version) [A] [I] [K]
Lets Be Cops [I]
License To Kill [James Bond] [I]
Life of the Party [K]
Lights Out [Dolby Vision] [I] [K]
Listen [A]
Live And Let Die [James Bond] [I]
Live Die Repeat: Edge of Tomorrow [I] [K]
Living Daylights [James Bond] [I]
The Longest Ride (2015) [HDR10] [I] [K]
Looper [A] [I] [K]
Loveless [I] [K]
Loving Vincent [I]
Lucky U Ranch [I]
Mad Max (1980) [Dolby Vision] [I]
Magic Mike XXL [Dolby Vision] [I] [K]
The Man From U.N.C.L.E. [Dolby Vision] [I] [K]
The Mask of Zorro [A] [K]
Me And Earl And The Dying Girl [HDR10] [I] [K]
Me Before You [Dolby Vision] [I] [K]
Money Monster [Dolby Vision] [A] [I] [K]
Moneyball [A] [I] [K]
Monster Trucks [Dolby Vision] [I] [K]
The Monuments Men [I] [K]
Moonraker [James Bond] [I]
Mrs. Doubtfire [I]
My Best Friend’s Wedding [A] [I] [K]
The Nice Guys [I] [K]
Night At The Museum [I]
Night At The Museum: Secret Of The Tomb [I]
The Night Before [Dolby Vision] [A] [I] [K]
No Good Deed (2014) [A] [I] [K]
Octopussy [James Bond] [I]
Office Christmas Party [Dolby Vision] [I] [K]
Office Space [I]
The Omen (1976) [I]
The Omen (2006) [I]
On Her Majesty’s Secret Service [James Bond] [I]
On the Waterfront [A] [K]
Only The Brave (2017) [A] [I] [K]
The Other Guys [A] [I] [K]
Our Brand Is Crisis [Dolby Vision] [I] [K]
Paper Towns [HDR10] [I] [K]
Paradox (2018) [Dolby Vision] [I]
Patchwork [I]
Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2 [A] [I] [K]
The Perfect Guy [A] [I] [K]
Philadelphia (1993) [A^] [I] [K]
Pixels [I] [K]
Poltergeist (2015) [HDR10] [I] [K]
Premium Rush [A] [I] [K]
Pride, Prejudice & Zombies [Dolby Vision] [I]
The Princess Bride [Dolby Vision] [I]
Proud Mary [Dolby Vision] [A*] [I] [K]
Quantum Of Solace [James Bond] [I]
The Relationtrip [I]
Remember Me [I]
Resident Evil [Dolby Vision] [I] [K]
Roman J. Israel, Esq. [Dolby Vision] [A*] [I] [K]
Run All Night [I] [K]
Sandlot (1993) [I]
Say Anything [I]
Sherlock Gnomes [I] [K]
Sherlock Holmes [I] [K]
Sherlock Holmes: A Game Of Shadows [I] [K]
Silence Of The Lambs [Dolby Vision] [I]
Skyfall [James Bond] [I]
The Snowman (2017) [HDR10] [I]
Spaceballs [Dolby Vision] [I]
Spectre [James Bond] [A^] [I]
Spy (2015) [HDR10] [I]
Tag (2018) [Dolby Vision] [I]
The Spy Who Loved Me [James Bond] [I]
The Star (2017) [Dolby Vision] [A] [I] [K]
Star Trek II: The Wrath Of Khan (Director’s Cut) [HDR10] [I]
Stargate: Origins Catherine [I]
Suburbicon [Dolby Vision] [I] [K]
Sucker Punch [HDR] [K]
Super Dark Times [I]
Super Troopers 2 [I] [K]
Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby [A] [K]
Taxi Driver (1976) [A] [I] [K]
Thank You For Your Service [I] [K]
That’s My Boy [A] [I] [K]
That’s Not Me [A] [I]
They (2018) [I]
Think Like A Man [A] [I] [K]
Think Like A Man Too [A] [I] [K]
This is the End [A] [I] [K]
Thunderball [James Bond] [I]
Tomorrow Never Dies [James Bond] [I]
The Tourist (2010) [A*] [I] [K]
Truth Or Dare (Unrated Director’s Cut) [I]
Tully [I] [K]
The Ugly Truth [A] [K]
The Unwilling [I]
Vacation (2015) [I] [K]
Victor Frankenstein [I] [K]
Victoria And Abdul [I] [K]
A View to a Kill [James Bond] [I]
The Vow [A]
The Walk [Dolby Vision] [A] [I] [K]
Walking Out [I]
Wall Street (1987) [I]
The Way We Were [A]
We Are Your Friends [Dolby Vision] [I] [K]
Wedding Ringer [A] [I] [K]
When The Bough Breaks [I] [K]
Why Him [I]
The World Is Not Enough [James Bond] [I]
X-Men [I]
X-Men: The Last Stand [I]
You Only Live Twice [James Bond] [I]
You Were Never Really Here [I] [K]

Uncertain disc future

Blockers [HDR10] [I] [K]
First Reformed [Dolby Vision] [I]
Flatliners (2017) [Dolby Vision] [A] [I] [K]
Superfly (2018) [Dolby Vision] [I]


Nice work @pans. Of course maintaining it might become a monster :wink:


True, heh. Updated the list to combine items from Kaleidescape as well, which include some not found on iTunes list.

Not sure if there are any which Amazon has which others don’t, may cross-reference this list, though unsure if it’s up to date. Edit: appears there are some Amazon exclusives from from cursory searches.


Is released on UHD Blu-ray)

The Cabin in the Woods (US UHD)

The Da Vinci Code

Death Wish (2018) (ITA UHD)

Hercules (2014) (The Legend of Hercules 2014 US UHD)

The Licoln Lawyer (US UHD)

The Professional AKA Leon: The Professional (US UHD)

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (DE UHD)

Unsane (US UHD)


Thanks! Updated the list with these changes and to denote Amazon support. According to the list reference I’m using very few titles on Amazon have HDR, which seems odd given the support for it for the same titles on the other stores.

Also haven’t included all the titles from the Amazon list for the reasons listed in the post. I can’t tell if any Amazon Original films have ever had a UHD Blu-Ray release which is why I’ve excluded them for the time being.

It’s possible that I don’t need to denote all the stores these titles are available on but then it would be unclear where they’re available so for now I’ve left it.


how about a Google Doc (Spreadsheet) to track this?

Love the list but may be easier to maintain a doc


I considered this earlier though read that it reveals certain account details which I’d rather keep anonymous. A custom web page (using styled CSS tables) is another attractive alternative (eg something like Github pages). Would mean I’d have to convert the entries over to another format which would be a bit more of a manual process, though the latter would take less time in a text editor.

At the moment it’s pretty easy to edit since the text was compiled in Sublime Text which allows for multiple text carets and positions, so in situ find and replace is possible among other things. The bonus is one can just use the browser’s find in page search :slight_smile:


Removed Geostorm and Live by Night since according to this well-known and respected member of Blu-Ray.com the UHD BD releases of the two titles were canceled due to under-performing at the box office. Obviously those interested in the online UHD versions can still find them on iTunes.



  • Life of the Party [Kaleidescape]
  • Tag (2018) [iTunes]

New but with an uncertain disc future

I’ll be separating some releases from the primary list as based on their box office performance it’s unclear whether a UHD disc release will eventuate. Sourced both from Blu-Ray.com posts and my own searches.

  • First Reformed [iTunes]
  • Superfly (2018) [iTunes]