Titles (and other stuff) in NeroVision Express 2

Anyone know what’s up with NeroVision Express 2 when using the various texts and effects? Half the time they don’t work. I don’t know how many times I’ve set up titles/credits and then exported a file and not have a thing. Also, I’ve exported a file and had the titles, etc., but no sound. And I’ve never gotten any of the fades to work.

Anyone else have these troubles or is it something I’m doing?

What version of Nero vision do you have on your computer? Which text and effects fail? They’ve always worked fine for me.

I have the latest update. It happens with any text and/or effect. Sometimes they work, other times it appears they’re there but when I export the file, no text.

Very wierd.

Is there any pattern to when they work or fail to work?

BluesDaddy -
I’m having the same problems with the text/titles in NVE 2. Most times I can preview the text with no problem but if I try to export all or most of my text items are missing. Really frustrating. I’ve submitted a support request to Nero so I’ll post back if they reply. Have you gotten any further with this.

I’m having this problem on a newly built machine running winxp Sp1 so the system is as clean as it could be I suppose.


Received a reply from Tech Support on this, looks like bug has been confirmed and updated NeroVision Express 2 will be up sometime next week:

Dear Mr. Duvall

thank you for your email.

We were able to reproduce this problem in the meantime.

Please download the new update for NeroVision Express 2 from www.nero.com
which will be released next week.

If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact us again.

Best regards,

Gerald Greiner
Nero Support

Ahead Software AG