Title selection problem with star trek

I successfully did the whole season II , 6 dvd’s …
But I noticed that Disc °5 had a problem with the menu selection! :eek:
example of the menu selection:

  • title 1, ‘enter’, engage, enter, ok!
  • title 2, ‘enter’, engage, enter, ok!
  • title 3, ‘enter’, engage, enter, ok!
  • title 4, ‘enter’ --> goes back to title 1-2-3-4, image freezes, but when i press title 1, serie begins to play!! :confused:
    I tried both DVD2ONE 1.1.1 & 1.1.2 … i tried to rip it with smartripper & CladDVD … problems remains!

hey, can i ask what program(s) you used to copy the DVDs? And on how many discs you got them?
I’m trying DVDxCopy. It gets the job done, but not as nicely as i would like :confused:

I ripped the DVD’s with Smartripper …
Then I used DVD2ONE v1.1.2 (of course!!! :smiley: ) …
So I’m able to copy, example season 1: 7 DVD’s onto 7 DVDR’s with menu’s & all …