"Title Configuration" no help: What to Cut?

This question has been asked many times before, but I’m providing an image because I don’t know the “magic words” to get the right answer right off the bat:
Titles 2,9, and 1 are no problem. They’re all different.

3+4, 5+6 and 7+8, however are another story. The audio streams and the video on all of them are the same. I’ve previewed the first two and they in fact appear to be the same. CloneDVD by default only wants to backup the first title, but that’s not right, since there are three episodes (I think).

When I get mystery disks like this, is there any database that breaks down DVDs in detail and tells you what the different titles actually are? Some DVDs and say “director’s commentary” and it’s easy. With this one everything is 16:9 and NTSC.

I don’t know how to tell what’s going on right now without going to a DVD player and shoving it in (or playing it on the PC) …

Thanks for any URLs where you can find out what’s really going on under the hood of a given DVD.

A suggested approach:

When you launch CloneDVD2, choose “CloneDVD” instead of “Copy DVDTitles”.
This will set up the next screen to copy all the titles including the menu.
Then I use the “Preview” tab on the next screen to decide what titles I want to include or not in my backup. Clicking on the title will start the preview. Unchecking the box on the left will replace the title with a very brief blank screen in your backup copy if you are keeping menus - or eliminate it entirely if you are not keeping menus.
Be aware that CloneDVD2 does not permit you to determine the order of play of the titles if you do not include menus in your backup. It decides for you. It also does not allow you to decide the default audio or subtitles selections. If those abilities are important and you do not want to keep menus, consider using DVDShrink instead.

Not sure about data bases to identifying them, but what I have found when you get disks like this:
Senario 1
This can be different angles of the same movie, that aren’t easily identified by using the preview button. If this is the case, generally you can check both boxes of the titles that have the same playing time, and get very little if any degradtion of the quality bar. Including the extra box in your backup would enable you to view the different angles as they become available during the movie.
Senario 2
This can happen if there are both widescreen and full screen on the same disk, and in the case of the disk you posted, possibly multiple angles as well. Of course checking both wide and full will be evident by the quality bar.

Great thoughts.
Another approach I sometimes use is to preview the dvd in PowerDVD or my standalone player, where the title number being played is included in the display. That way I can clearly see what title(s) my original dvd is defaulting to, as well as any angles or subtitles - sometimes that helps in the choice process as well.

That is a very good method as well. :iagree:

When I do that for this particular DVD, the projected quality playback number drops below 60 percent.

I put the disk in a standard DVD player and the three episode “copies” copies never show up on any menus. I try punching the “angle” button and I get nothing. There is no selection for P&S vs 16:9 either.

I’m really stumped about what’s on the disk. I have a feeling that whatever it is, I don’t get to see it.

Maybe they put multiple regions on one disk and just change the titles to fit? But then why wouldn’t you see different audio tracks? And why would the 2nd version of an episode be exactly the same length?

How can you tell at which point during DVD playback you could hit the “angle” button and expect for something good to happen?

Scenario 2: This can happen if there are both widescreen and full screen on the same disk
Not indicated. All streams report 16:9, and a standard player presents no P&S/WS option.

Where to begin…
You haven’t posted what title you are trying to back up.
Is it an episodic DVD, or a movie? (I suspect episodic by this post:

I put the disk in a standard DVD player and the three episode “copies” copies never show up on any menus.

Have you made certain that the “preserve menus” button is checked?
In reference to Rich86’s suggestion to using the Clone DVD button:

When I do that for this particular DVD, the projected quality playback number drops below 60 percent.

This would be expected if you are trying to put all the material from a DVD9 disk on to a DVD5. (DVD9 = 2 disks, DVD5 = 1 disk)
The advantage to checking “Clone DVD”, is that every thing is selected and
you merely have to “uncheck” the material that you don’t want to include in your backup. (Let’s get rid of the previews and warnings if they are separate, and most importantly the preserve menus box will be checked using this method, because it is often overlooked)
As for angles… when viewing the title, when you see the “camera” in the upper screen appear, this is the indication that multiple angles are present. This is only for certain scenes, thus the “little if any degration in quality bar” that I mentioned previously. (If entire movie were filmed in different angles,for all title sets, the resulting file would be huge.They coinside together with a slight variation at the multiple angle scenes.)
The example you have posted appears to be and episodic DVD that is either multi angle or full and wide screen.
I suggest that you view the title sets with a pc player and try to determine what each title set actually is. If it is episodic, and some of the material simply cannot be eliminated, you have the option of splitting to 2 disks with menus.

“Tipping the Velvet” in three episodes. Playing it back on a PC I see all the titles and chapters that I can “jump” to. All the episodes and all the episode copies are widescreen. Playing the same chapter in any two paired titles gives you output that appears to be identical.

So I have no idea why the content was duplicated.

Select title sets 7, 5, & 3, with output set to DVD5. Take note of the quality bar, and begin checking titles 8, 6, & 4, noting if there is a large degradtion of the quality bar. If it remains at or nearly the same percentage, titles 8, 6, & 4, are mearly different angles as I previously mentioned. Adding them would not have any noticable quality effect on your backup.
I am confident that is what you have, because you posted that with all boxes checked the compression meter fell to below 60%. (Trying to put 6 hrs. of video on 1 DVD5 would result in a much lower percentage)