Title - Chapter Extraction on DVDFab?

I was wondering if I could rip chapters separately on DVDFab. I use OSX and Linux but got the trial of DVDFab working fine though Wine but couldn’t look at all the features.

Anyway, it ripped a DVD set that I couldn’t through MacTheRipper. The reason I like MTR is it extracts each chapter into it’s own .vob file, no loss in quality. For instance, if it was a DVD set that was a TV show it would rip each episodes separately into it’s own .vob file. The DVD’s I’m talking about are the Walt Disney Treasures DVDs, and when ripped to hard drive or looking on the DVD Disney puts separate episodes in one .vob file, so I liked how MTR could break them apart.

I’ve done this all the way up to wave 8, but MTR can’t rip wave 8. Can DVDFab do this? I’d buy it if it had this feature.

I’ve tried to describe this the best I could, I hope that it’s understandable. If you need any more info to answer my question just ask.


Welcome to the forum Stan.
DVDFab is (for most copy modes) Title based. Usually an episode is a Title, not a chapter (your discs may be different). However, you can extract single chapters from a title using the Title Start/End Settings button in any of the “re-author” modes (Customize, Main Movie, etc.) in DVDFab. If you want a single chapter per VOB, you will only be able to extract one at a time (if you extract chapters 1 through 3, for instance, they will all be in the same VOB). I may not have understood what you are trying to do, if not, please supply some additional information.

Ok, here is what it looks like to me on MTR. There is a mode ‘Title - Chapter Extraction’. You select the title you want, say ‘Title 26 (Ang1) 4:3 00:49:19 (MF)’. I don’t know what some of that means, like MF, but the rest is pretty obvious. In Title 26 there are 7 chapters, one is only one second so I deselect that chapter and rip the rest. I uncheck the box that says ‘merge chapters’ so it rips chapter as a separate .vob file, so 6 of them, to put into custom DVDs or just to convert to another file format. After that I select each title and see if any of the chapters are log enough to be an episode.

So does DVDFab do this? Maybe MTR switches up Title and Chapter? I just don’t want to pay 50 bucks if DVDFab can’t do this. It sounds like it might though.

Hmm, for some reason I can’t edit my posts.

Well, DVDFab lets me to rip separate Titles through ‘Main Movie’ option on the left. However, it will only let me rip the whole Title, it won’t let me select chapters out of the title or let me rip chapters within the title as separate .vob files.

For example, the longest Title, 1:15:30 long, is when ‘play all’ is hit on the DVD menu, but it’s actually about 30 separate Chapters. Is there a way to have DVDFab rip each Chapter within a Title as a separate .vob file? Without compression that is, I think through the mobile menu it will break them up for me but will make them a smaller file.

I think that all the separate episodes are in their own Title on the DVD, at least a lot of them, there are a lot of 7-8 min titles. However, every short Title has a Chapter 01 that is 1 second, Chapter 02 is the actual cartoon, and a Chapter 03 that is 5 seconds. Some Chapter 01 on some disks have Leonard Maltin explaining that standards have changed and this is why this cartoon isn’t publicly correct anymore, and I definitely don’t want to watch that every time I watch the cartoon. Is there some way to deselect chapter 1 and 3 in a title?

I hope this makes sense. Thanx for all the help.