Title and artist info in WAV files problem

Until today, I used to believe that WAV files have no “internal tags” to store info about title, artist, etc, but some programs can parse the Windows file name if it has some format, such as “<artist> - <title>.wav”. For instance:

Queen - We are the champions.wav

…so that if you collect some tracks named in this style and burn a CD, it gets CD-Text info that tells you the artist and title o every track.

But today i have found that, with some tracks, say AAAA - TTTT.wav , Nero (6 Ultra Edition Suite) plainly ignores the file’s name and puts say “Music” as artist (instead of AAAA) and “7” as title (instead of TTTT).

First of all, I know that it is easy to change it manually for every track, but I want the procedure to be automatic with these tracks too :slight_smile: .

I have found nothing in Nero’s options. Well, it wouldn’t be “the perfect fix” actually.

Where does Nero get that info that overrides filename’s? Is it in the file contents itself (some tag) or in some database associated to Nero or even the OS (winXP-SP1)? Could it be changed or deleted (to make Nero and whatever program to follow the filename)?

Well, problem solved. First, the artist and title used by Nero came from tags in the *.wav . Second, there aren’t too much programs that can manage these tags in *.wav files (but there are plenty of them for mp3). Third, I managed to remove them with Advanced Audio Converter v2.0.0.1 , free version; this version installs something about ads so I cannot recommend it (I used partition backups etc). Last but not least, next time I shall do the following (I have not tried it but it should work):

  • Launch EAC.
  • Launch its wav editor with any *.wav without tags.
  • Delete all the samples but one (the first one for instance).
  • Use the “append file” feature to append the file with tags.
  • Delete the first sample (the one that had been left from the initial wav).
  • Save the result. Same samples => same wave but no tags :slight_smile: .

Should it help.