Titek 16x DVD+R YUDEN000T02 :)

I found this ebay ad and thought it was quite funny:

Hersteller: TiTEK
Schreibgeschwindigkeit: 16X
Kapazität: 4,7 GB / 120min
Menge: 50 Stück Spin Pack
Mediacode: YUDEN000T02
Kompatible Brenner: Alle DVD+R und Dual + Brenner
Kompatible Player: 99% aller DVD-Player, X BOX
Sehr hohe Archivierungszeit
Super Verarbeitung
AAA Grade

So let’s see: They copied Ritek’s logo and the design of the disc is obviously a copy of Ritek Excellent! media. They’re using fake 8x TY mid code but the disc is labeled and sold as 16x. It’s a DVD+R disc but has a DVD forum logo.
But yeah, I’m sure it’s “Top quality!” AAA grade media with great compatibility :rolleyes: :bigsmile:

Nice :smiley:

ROFL. Good stuff.

Titek is clearly the Rolex of DVD manufacturers. Wait, did I say Rolex? I meant Relox.

LMAO!!! How pathetic.
Nice commentary jsl . :smiley:

Who cares, it’s not USB compatible. Can’t be any good! o_O


Heh, that’s the most shameful disc I think i’ve seen yet! :smiley: Although, I havn’t really seen many of the imitation discs around - if we found imitation dsics out here, they’d have to be INCREDIBLY bad, considering our best discs aren’t exactly… brilliant :wink:

Most funny :bigsmile: - thanks for the laugh, man! :flower:

Lol i cant get rid of the smile on my face - maybe i should buy some, that would help :slight_smile:

LMAO :bigsmile:

:bigsmile:   it's been some time I haven't laughed so much  !

LOL! http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=137777