Titanium & verbatim



I use both an Nec 3500 & 3540 both with the latest official firmware, I am only interested in creating good quaility burns for movies (that will play ok in any dvd player) as I use quaility discs like titanium with dye cmc- mag ae1 and cmc-mag am3 also Verbatim with mcc dye.

Is it best to stick with the official firmware, I dont want to fiddle with any settings, I just want to burn a dvd movie that will play on any player, and have a disc that contains no errors…


That’s just wishful thinking. It’s impossible. “in almost all players” is OK.
Titanium dvd? :Z


Is it best to stick with the official firmware :confused:


Depends on the media.
With Verbatims there shouldn’t be problems with all the official firmwares, but with cmc mag exx I would try patched firmwares.


Thanks for that :wink: