Titan Quest Copy Protection --- Securerom

I have an image file of the game Titan Quest.
I have it mounted with my Deamon Tools.
Also in Emulation is Securom checked!
I thought this would be sufficient to run the game and bypass the copy protection!
But when I start the game it says that emulation is detected.

What can I do to solve this!!!

Go to gamecopyworld.com. You probably need a utility like securerom loader or sr7stop

Thx U very much.

I am now a few steps further but that still won’t work!
Get the message "A required security module can not be activated. This program can not be executed"
Maybe I have the wrong MDS files.
Tried and tried.
I stop for now but if u know what to do I really want to know!

Make a fresh image from your original disc/s.